News We Sleep On The Ground, Beside Our Graves, Yet We’re Not Appreciated’...

We Sleep On The Ground, Beside Our Graves, Yet We’re Not Appreciated’ Nigerian Soldier Rants


A soldier, Abdurahman Abubakar has taken to his Facebook to say some Nigerians do not appreciate them, and he thinks they should because they have left their friends and families just to sacrifice for the Nation, while many civilians are with their loved ones.

He wrote…

We slept on a naked ground beside our grave with one eye open at alert just 2 make sure u guyz sleep in peace n comfortable at home with ur familyz while we left our own family’s all alone nd scared thinking of us weather we r gonna make it or nt. Bt after all diz sacrifice we made some bastards will said dat soldiers r nt doing anything, okey y don’t u come n do wat we can’t ….. M just proud 2 b a professional soldier HUUURAAA

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  1. we de appreciate oo its just that the last time i stopped my car to tell una well done oo i was told to do frog jump.

  2. we day apreciate o…..but ma dear, u already signed for it befor u were employed…….dese guys en sometimes intimidate person for nothin much…..i did a frog jump becos i was walkin along side ma babe wit ma hands round ha waist..CAN U IMAGIN DAT

    • Ebelebe! u ar counting ur children nos before a barren woman. lol. Aunty Ezinne u no need to ask Harry wetin e babe do becos correct backside wey im babe get naim buy am frog jump. That harry hand rest in peace lol. But that Soja suppose kno say Harry nah good citizen na the babe love dey pai harry. Weldone say u survive the “enemy” of progress.

    • Chizko Omo Alahji, u no get oza room to enjoy your babe? u think say nah soja boy u dey punish only? If na one wor wor babe Harry dey follow wake who look I’m side. I beg upgrade u babe jor & be confirm baptised citizen like Harry. I no no harry, if get babe wey ur hand rest on her waist comfortable. U have breach my fundamental human right, I go frog jump u inside my mind but I go shout ebelebe! na only this ur son u like only!

    • …. Harry no talk truth, the come like Harry more becos d bobo wey soja jealous me for, of course she go like harry more. Blessing in disguise. Kes make u no say becos of that make ur babe come they ‘provocatively’ roll her waist for Soja boy them no go frog jump u hmmm hahahahahah don’t say ur babe break ur heart later o.

  3. Is that why they had to beat that handicapped man for wearing their uniform? Most times, it looks as if we dont appreciate but most nigerians do. The only thing is that some nigerians dont knw what to do to say thank you. Even at that, u guus shouldnt have done that to the handicapped man. Instead, warn him 4rm doing that. Well, u guys dey try, to tell the truth.

  4. Is that why you now take it out on helpless civilians? that’s not an excuse for you people to misuse power.

  5. You don’t need to be appreciated bro.You signed to die for the country.You can’t deliberately jump into the river at night and be complaining of cold….

  6. So because u guys sleep on the ground that why you feel u can do anything…appreciate 4 what your wicked act or what…u guys treat people like animals… And u need appreciation…

  7. We are always grateful but u guys are too tough or scary to be approached. You guys can punish any civilian who comes closer to u all. Soldiers should try to bring down their shoulders for some civilians bcos it’s too high… You guys hardly smile, just to show what u guys have suffered but at least be approachable and see what some honest civilians will say to u guys… We nigerians are always grateful but not all nigerians tho… Keeping doing the good work soldiers but take it easy on some innocent civilians’ bodies. They dont deserve the harsh treatment from u guys

  8. Hmmmm what is the complaining all about i don’t know now. Didn’t you know that before joining?

  9. Major Reason why I’ll never Join D Force,I’d rather Live a hell of a life dan jump into d warzone to defend Ingrates…#RESPECT_May God accept their Souls.

  10. We are always grateful but u guys are too tough or scary to be approached. You guys can punish any civilian who comes closer to u all. Soldiers should try to bring down their shoulders for some civilians bcos it’s too high… You guys hardly smile, just to show what u guys have suffered but at least be approachable and see what some honest civilians will say to u guys… We nigerians are always grateful but not all nigerians tho… Keep doing the good work soldiers but take it easy on some innocent civilians’ bodies. They dont deserve the harsh treatment from u guys

  11. Who wan appreciate una? Na me employ u? Nor be u use ur hand sign say u go die for ur nation? U nor know how soldier work be before u go out hand? And besides if una come out then una go begin dey brutalize innocent citizens like u people did to a cripple some days back……nonsense…get out

  12. It your hardness that gives us confidence please don’t complain so we will not loose our sleep.Godbless and protect you all

  13. soldiers is one work i know i will never allow any of my children to do.but as of our soldier we nigerian dey appreicate una work.

  14. The way you guys intimidate innocent citizen’s in niger delta, that is how God is intimidating you guys over there. enjoy it while it lasts

  15. Dos dat make u people to maltreat a cripple? DAT is work u sign for, nobody force u to join. Just do it perfectly

  16. Its not enough reason for you guys to come out and humiliate any civilian. Who una help? But to the good and understanding ones out there, may God protect you.

  17. Hummm, how turching? We feel ur pain an ur struggle God in heaven will bless u all an ur generatns bt as for d men behin dis, dere 4th generion wil knw no peac and God’s mercy wil 4eva go frm den

  18. Soldiers should behave as humans if they want Nigerians to appreciate them You beat up a cripple on the road begging for help mecilessly simple because he wore a cloth of military colour which you didnt know who gave him This is heartless brutality and adding of more sorrow to already challenged person The people cant appreciate you for this act

    • its not dat very fair….. buh na dat camo dat guy get for em house?….. muna de reason domtin o

  19. We appreciate the heroes at d warfront trying to make d country grow and not d coward ones like u and ur colleagues harrasing armless citizens.. FOOL…

  20. Does that give you enough reason to beat someone unreasonably? You said you are there to protect us but whenever we see you guys, some of us with fearful heart will piss for body, what type of protection are you giving? You guys are out there to protect us but carelessly drop bomb for idp camp, and we still can’t talk because of the fear,after all who even invite you to come and protect us? If you are tired of the job instead of doing it against the law, pls you better resign ooooooo, many people have be looking for a way to be guarding us but there is no way for them, pls oga soldier what some of you guys are doing all in the name of soldier is not right and people like me can not keep quiet

    • Lol! Lyk mi! I fit piss 4 body o if i c ani force member bcos of dat deir gun. Dem dey use am aniow.

  21. It true there lonely wives at home will never have person for there kid to call a dad the are always on duty

  22. That is the work you choose to do…and you signed up for it…and you are also paid for it so pls no complains….

  23. Please u guys sign for this, life or death.. Just as me to sign to get rich, death or alive..

  24. We appreciate the jobs u guys are doing… come to tink of it ,t’is wht u sign for urself, it nt by force….nd u all are been paid for ur jobs, so stp intimidating us nd do ur job well

    • #madam!!! Una go jst dy talk u sign for it… And dy pay u for it…. U think say e easy to dy see ur death for eye…. Der are paying with dy life’s…..

  25. This is not the reason for you guys to treat us like animals you are all there to protect us…… Go to USA and see how soldiers treat their civilian…..

    • Don’t compare American soldiers with Nigerian soldiers, only comfortable life they’re living, and well paid will make you melo, after retirement, your duplex is there waiting for you, with all those benefit and everything, as a soldier, if you slap me I’ll beg you to repeat it again.

  26. And who the hell are u calling bastard,who send you,used choose the damn job,must you go about molesting people bcos u are a soldier.sorry for sleeping beside ur grave.may God protect you all out there ijn Amen

  27. God will continues protect you and family God will be the one to reward you not anyone eles

  28. A solder once gave me a dirty slap in d bus. I don’t know where there were coming from but I enters from onicha ugbo junction and there where already inside d bus so as d bus was moving me I was trying to adjust my seat the next thing I had was what are u looking at and I turned and turned back he asked again then I said me they guy said yes me I told him no u can’t be talking to me nah wetin u take see me before I could finish a dirty slap landes on my cheek and I did ndot know when I pounced on him and I was fighting back and every body in d bus stated begging the driver parked and was begging as at that time I did not know he was a solder it was after everything calmed down that I got to know he was one but I still did not say a word until we got to shagamu he now taped at me and said sister am sorry plz and me I could not say its OK or not OK I just short up my mouth until we got to our destination he came down and handed me a thousand NIRA to take taxi to where I was going.

  29. aw shud we shw our appreciation? Wen, if we wear any army dress u wil flog us til d clothe look like mess… So if u need us to appreciate u fellows… Stop harassing, intimidating, brutalizin, n doin ill stuff to us… Learn to face ur job jor… mouth Lik”A”in appreciation…

  30. Na u decide am for yourself na. Why you dey make unnecessary noise like this. Afterall, na ur type dey form boss dey flog civilians anyhow. Na ur work, no dey complain

  31. I also have brothers, sisters and friends in there but I did not send anybody to go and join and after all we are paying you guys through our tax.

  32. We appreciate you guyz oooo, only that few of you are beast, may God be your shield..

  33. Thats true oo but the reason y some pple dnt appreciate soldiers is bcos, some of them are very wicked, they brutalise even a new born baby

  34. The Lord is ur strength if they don’t appreciate u, we ur wife,sisters friends n family are appreciated u long life n long live our arms

  35. I wonder wen Nigerians will wise up and respect , appreciate the member of the arm forces. Some fools will talk as if they are intelligent enough, to think and see what the world entails. I don’t agree fully to what the military men did, yet I see beyond normal, b4 a military could be brutal to a lame man, don’t you think there is more to it. Haven’t you heard of physically challenged person working hand in hand with terrorist, e.g armed robber, kidnappers, ritualist , etc.

  36. Because some idiots write up, that he was molested for putting on soldier uniform, you begin your condemnation as usual. God help u people.

  37. Both soldier’s an civilians are visitors on earth,respect other peoples right of liven,do unto them what you want others to do unto you,respect they say is resiprocal,how will you judge it if the crippled is your brother,an how will u judge it if the soldier is ur brother,whatever a man sow he must reap even here on earth before else where,attitude twords once life mathers.both should enjoy it.

  38. If u pple nid to be appreciated by d poor n innocent Masse’s wht do u say of politicians dat use u pple for doing so many unlawful acts.e g,to intimidate , oppresse, violates, molest etc.

  39. Who send una? Isnt it for ur own prestige ? Lyk u dnt njoy d respect dat comes wid it… Dats y its nw normal to harass d same pple u ought to protect

  40. God bless d nigeria gallant Army,if not for d solid effort of this troops,then those who really dont know what it takes to sleep with ur 2eyes close ,will know what dis men are going through,these soldiers also have wife,children at home,they have families also,they deserve to be appreciated and prayed for,like wise d country we are living too as well,God bless nigeria,and bless our gallant troop,for those who dont know what it takes,try visit maiduguri and know if u are capable

  41. Y should I appreciate ur work? R u nt bn paid for dt? U should b d 1 to appreciate ursef n ur God for his grace n mercy unto ur life.

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  43. You were not forced to be a soldier u willingly choose to nd we appreciate the sacrifice but you maltreating the same civilians you claim to be protecting is what got us talking


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