News Six Siblings Poisoned To Death In Anambra Set To Be Buried. (Heartbreaking...

Six Siblings Poisoned To Death In Anambra Set To Be Buried. (Heartbreaking Photos)


Heartbreaking photos shows six children from the same parents who were poisoned to death by an unknown person in Ekwulumili area of Anambra state.

The children were said to have met a pot of food in their house, not knowing it was poisoned, ate it and all died instantly. This was some time in July and according to the obituary above, they will be buried on Saturday, November 5th in their hometown.poisoned-to-death

  1. Ohhhhhh dis is sooo bad but how did d pot get into the house or was it poisoned by someone in the house so many questions But God will surely punish who did dis

  2. This is wickedness. Whoever poisoned the food has incurred God’s wrath and have started a generational battle in his/her family. For surely, a man will harvest whatever he has planted.

  3. May their souls rest in peace and I pray God gives their parents d strength to bear d lost..

  4. Wickedness of the highest order, what will they gain from terminating their lifes, so sad, may their souls rest in peace

  5. what a wicked n heartless world we re. .. no peace for d wicked. .. may d spirits of dis innocent kids haunt their killers. RlP.

  6. Wat a wicked world…..wat did d parents do….ND why these innocent souls…..Lord have mercy. May their souls rest in peace

  7. WHAT could these little children have done to deserve this untimely death . May their innocent souls rest in peace….. AMEN

  8. What a wicked world, six children from one family God their parents must be going through hell right now.To God be the glory may their soul rip What a world ,they are a lot of things to be judged

  9. They should combine and torment the person to confess before they go and rest, this is pure wickedness.

  10. What on earth can ever console the mother of these Kids. All her labour in life. That happiness a mother has when she looks back and see her children. They should’ve killed her alongside with her Kids. God, pls avenge this mother’s pain.