General She is Pretty but Better as a Mannequin_ Funke Akindele Slams Gifty

She is Pretty but Better as a Mannequin_ Funke Akindele Slams Gifty


She is Pretty but Better as a Mannequin_ Funke Akindele Slams GiftySeems like Gifty is in real ‘soup’ for messing with Banky W.

The BBNaija housemate claims she does not know Banky as well as he is fake and proud.

Nigerians including Banky W and comedic actress Funke Akindele have taken to social media to slam Gifty.

Funke called a liar and a fake babe, stating that there is no way Gifty wouldn’t know either Falz or Banky W.

She tweeted, ‘I just watched the clip now. She’s obviously a liar who needs attention. How can she say she doesn’t know falz& Banky. Fake babe’

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Funke went to the length of attacking Gifty’s grammar with a meme of fellow actor Odunlade Adekola.

See screenshots of her tweet below:

She is Pretty but Better as a Mannequin_ Funke Akindele Slams GiftyShe is Pretty but Better as a Mannequin_ Funke Akindele Slams GiftyShe is Pretty but Better as a Mannequin_ Funke Akindele Slams GiftyShe is Pretty but Better as a Mannequin_ Funke Akindele Slams GiftyShe is Pretty but Better as a Mannequin_ Funke Akindele Slams GiftyShe is Pretty but Better as a Mannequin_ Funke Akindele Slams GiftyShe is Pretty but Better as a Mannequin_ Funke Akindele Slams GiftyShe is Pretty but Better as a Mannequin_ Funke Akindele Slams Gifty



  1. Grammarian look at Gifty you are in trouble , the banky w stuff is what is making all this slams against you for sure you will be evicted now the no you are a hair dresser in anambara you are finished start packing lolz

  2. It is falz stuff that make funke akindele slam her but banky stuff made everyone slam her… anyway she deserve it

  3. I understand ur reping bisola.. Jenny why not talk about ur perfect bisola way dey sleep with married man

  4. Funke stop making jest of your self before I throw it to you,what do you have with gifyy if I may ask better face your home cause you have made your fame let her be .#for the last time am warning #I don’t even know you.

    • If Gifty wants to go far in her career, she has to be real. We all have our short comings but we need to show case our reality in life and not faking what we are not. Most of us do that a lot not Gifty alone. We should be ourselves and stop faking what we are not period.

    • Beauty doesn’t bring food to d table except u want to go into prostitution but good brain brings money. Funke is not as beautiful as Gifty but she can buy Gifty wit her money and Funke has a great career

    • Achu Chinyere,,pls where is funke Akindele now,that no one has attained before???? Who is funke Akindele,becos the last time I checked,is jenifa’s diary and is still jenifa’s diary,no retreat,no surrender. Pls make unna free Gifty mbok,nobody say make anyone no dey least u are talking about her today,her fakeness have announced her

    • Wht will u do? Ur fake gifty is coming home ds wkend 2 go back 2 her hairdressing job. Wetin u wan throw sef? #Radarada…. In Jenifa’s voice.

    • Like me I don’t know falz until I watched Jenifer’s dairy its not a must that I will know the names of all the celebrities in town who them epp mtcheeeeew let’s stop crucifying the girl na by force to know person

    • @ fetchi u made a statement that where has funke gotten to dt no one else hasn’t be there so pls tell me ur achievement before saying rubbish here @ ifeoma i love ur comment i don’t know falz nor toyosi or kiki or mercy,this r talented pple dt are just wasting it but see with funky dey r something today if not what dey actually have in mind,so leave d gurl atleast isn’t written in d Bible dt is compulsory u must know everyone

  5. Funky don’t make me to hate you oooo,mind ur Jennifer ‘dairy oooo,at least when you first became an actresses you were doing notice me or die cause if you didn’t you won’t be in that level you’re now

    • You’re minority 4rm akindele’s fans & lover..if you link hate her. She is famous blessed..hate her she don’t even feel ur comment not to talk of knowing.mteeeeeeeee!

    • I hate all those celebrities interfering on what’s they know their are bigger than ,whose gifty to funky she is no body nah @ least she would have passed her without noticing her,rather she lets us to know that she noticed gifty

    • oyinye u dnt nid to insult jenifa now,afterall she has d right to talk n besides it wasn’t only jenifa dat insulted gifty….so wat is dat for?

    • U re just jealous why will u hate all dey celebrities only u one…I carry yansh for u ooo….at onyinye…

    • Lol…jenifa has numerous talents while gifty only know how to kiss boys,and lie like mad…abegge no even try compare them

    • U won hate her..who u be..yinmu..u just like a niddle thrown into an ocean of Funke…receive sense jare..tell Gifty abi fifty to stop forming shit..wanna be babe..en she is aspiring to be an actress..she will soon ask who Buhari is..she is lie Mohammed grandchild

    • U guys r just saying what u don’t know funke is a lawyer is u don’t know yet,gift is a fake,to all of u who talk evil about funke this is for u all u r all mad

    • Funke should mind her business beside I love u gifty seek her own attention unlike bishola dat offered her breast to be sucked

    • That gifty is too proud of her self nd the worst part she is not pretty i wacted her yesterday on instagram she is too proud nd realy like notice me

    • Gifty, fifty or whatever should go back to her marriage and stop seeking fame, no one knows her, thumbs to BBN for giving her a Lil chance since 2kay couldn’t help her get famous.

    • Just as u are making ur comment now that’s how she’s making hers. Who cares if u hate her.

    • Who’s this one again? Who u epp if no no like funke go and do ur own let’s see, am waiting o…. See her face….

    • Sister oyinyechi Funke was doing notice me in movies not real, gifty is on live TV there is a difference. Funke worked for every bit of fame she has. But gifty hell no she up for cheep popularity

    • So many people talk abt this gifty girl.. Even Falz and bankyW who went to the house spoke bad about wats the big deal in expressing ones mind.. Celeb or no Celeb…. sister suffery on ur hot blood Abeg..Everyone watching the game is entitled to their personal opinion regardless being aired on social media or not.

  6. What ever they call you gifty or grammafty, you’re in trouble already you said you don’t know my Banky arrange your luggages you’re leaving that house this Sunday……… useless idiot Google your name and Google Banky’s name. tell me how far.

  7. Only those who follow dis bbnaija ll understand all dis scenerio not by reading posted articles… If u wanna know she forms whenever fifty got angry na typical pidgin d dey yarn. But on a lighter mood its foreign spoken…

    • i don’t see any sense with those response, though haven’t been watching it does not make me say what i don’t know even those that are busy commenting don’t know what they r saying and am not even sure if they have television or even if they have only galaxy, pls stop this criticizing pple,u dt is even saying about marriage, marriage is a school u can never graduate from,n God gives children at d appointed time, take a look at Abraham,pls stop dis nonsense, i support u Emmanuel

  8. Ahn ahn jeniva what is ur own na, you are rich and famous its better you just be urself and mind your own business

  9. Has anyone noticed, that each time one tries to type “Gifty”,Auto type would reset it to Fifty?Try it out,it’s weird!!!!

  10. Funke cannot light a candle to Gifty in terms of beauty. She is the one looking for cheap publicity by picking on the girl a personal statement….After two failed marriages, I think she should just shut up and concentrate on her acting career

    • Beauty without brain is the worst thing ever. And funke cheap publicity?? Oga please think and write again

    • Beautiful face ugly brain, let Funke be pls failed marriage or not, she’s da bomb.

    • Wow mr Anthony that is a bit rich coming from you though you don’t judge people by their past life her first marriage didn’t work out that does not make her a bad person she is fully entitled to her opinion we should all be mindful what we say about people hate it when people find faults when there is none

    • If u want to insult her,u dnt nid to insukt her with wat is going thru….we all know today,wat will happen tommorrow,no one knows cos no condition is permanent…..

    • She’s not as beautiful as Gifty but she has brain more than her, beauty is not base on physical attributes but level of intelligence..

    • How on earth will Gifty lied abt not knowing Banky, Falz and even Mr Nigeria after she’s forming to be a celeb… She club, she party and she love going out so how is it possible for her not to knw even one of dis guys, even villagers still knw some celebs. I hav not seen those guys face to face b4 but I can recognise them if I see them tnx to social media, TV, newspapers and magazines. At least she must hav come across a headline abt one of them.

    • Wat z dis 1 saying…did she want her marriage to fail!!! Nobody would wants dat…i dont know y pple will be saying things dat dont relate…bad things happen thats inevitable.

    • oga,i no knw say as u matured like dis, brain no dey inside ur skull…pls leave funke alone o,she is a happy woman n a successful one at dat…u don’t hav 2 compare her wit dat brainless n visionless lady called GIFTY..

    • Exactly my point Princess JC Lara Olowo, how can someone in entertainment not know entertainers? That’s an obvious lie if you ask me

    • If she say she don’t know banky w is it a crime? Can’t some express her self again without all this busy bodies slamming her? Na by force to know banky w , falze or any celebrity ?. OK you that claim to know them I hope it puts food on your table for the rest of your life! Rubbish! To me funke’s involvement in this is such a shame and classless of her period!

    • True talk @ Tonikal Paul. What is so special about banky w? I just notice him because of this bla bla of thing.

    • @princess she was rescued along side those chibok girls from sambisa forest… I wonder if she even knows any ninja celeb at all? Nawa na real Wa!

    • Anthony Uzochukwu thank you very much for this wonderful comment ,who no like it should go and kiss haters

    • If nah up comers nw, i for gree say she no no dem, bt banky, haba madam gifty, dats nt the best way to get attention, ure Beautiful so use it abeg

    • Anthony because u came from same family with gifty DAT is y u are supporting useless thing, u don fuck her before fake person

    • Onyinye Stephanie why everyone react to mr Anthony because he was throwing shade at funke past everyone got past I don’t watch the programme have been seeing alot bloggers posting about gify what she said about some artists but everyone is entitled to his or her opinion

    • Haba oga nah which level nah? maybe she shld hv married u either.abeggi pack well aproko man.

    • Some men are very funny o what does marriage got to do with this?Really beauty without brain is not. Funke & gift are nt mate in anywhere.. funke Rocks she’s real nt fake but gift is fake

    • @onyinye or wateva ur name is,u and antony are d haters.if u guys dnt lyk her,go and hug d transformer.

    • Gifty n her fake fans… Mtchewwww, fake celeb, fake name, fake personality… If not for this negodu show who know u b4? A whole Jenifa, my Aunty Funke, pls don’t compare… Beauty without character is vanity, let her begin using her brain o @ Gifty… What a name, even dictionary no carry am… Mtchwwwww

    • Idiot ni bobo yi sha Look at Funke closely If she’s standing at the top of a staircase .. I swr u can’t enter the building not to talk of standing at the base Leave her marriage alone .. Face ur life dats probably in ruins

    • oga u are blind is it because gifty is fair? after two failed marriage but she is richer than the whole of ur family put together u should be ashamed of yourself

    • Hmmm,after two failed marriage? Some people don’t know what will happen to them next minute,that was too harsh

    • This man is a fool for mocking Funke cos of her failed marriage. I don’t pray u experience it so u will knw how it feels. Gifty is fake

    • Which one is d second marriage…..more we are not talking abt beauty here but her fake life……a common hairdresser saying she doesn’t knw falz and banky w

    • Godwin Come closer .. Raise up ur hand Good knock ur head Wow.. Nice Maybe dah will restore factory settings cos obviously they’ve tampered with ur head Wah has child bearing got to do with this .. Her husby isn’t complaining and she’s fully capable of adopting ur whole family sef So leave her personal life out of this Arindin

    • . y should drive her private life into this?she just trying to pour out her mind, that FmGifty of a Lady I av nothing to say to her than for her to always mind her utterance. For Funke we luv and will always do.

    • Haba.. . when will this igbo ppl Eva cm to their sense of respect.?. .. u r no way different from the giffy Yu r taking sides for.

    • After two failed marriages u say sir? Who u be sir. So BBNaija is all about beauty to u sir.. #WehdoneSir. I think biggie needs to enlighten Nigerians like this on what the show is all abt.

    • All of you are here insulting each other, Fifty do not know you neither does Jennifer. How much have you guys won in the cost of the abuses to each other, pls give me my share as I don’t insult people. Oya make una begin apologize jor!

    • See mogbe wetin concern beauty n marriage with d comment my lovely Jennifer make na haba bros

  11. Please guys forget about Gifty And let’s behave as if no human like her existed For my bankyW, I got Ur back Much love

  12. This ugly money miss road should let Gifty be, she’s blows it outof proportion, no one is perfect.

  13. What’s funke problem with this gifty, is not a must to know banky w or any other star if she don’t want to know,abeg don’t be sentimental, bisola dey there dey do rubbish you no see dat one talk na by force to know star

  14. See as dem carry another person loud for head oh na nor dey tire,gifty here gifty dere some of oh na wen dey here dey talk shit she better pass own na self,haters go kill ur self.

  15. Aunty Jenifer what are you jealousing her for its her life and you got your please play matured in commenting and condemning

  16. She is playing the role very well. #Baddest girl. She will be looking very calm as if she can’t hurt a fly. But she’s focused ND knows what she wants.

  17. I think funke is bigger than this shit, she should mind her business before she looses her respect, still love her shaa….

  18. Funke Akindele leave her alone why trying to act real , are you not fake too . Are your acting real why you forming are they your real personality . She does not know them let her be . She got her eye and mouth . Trying to make headlines for will not solve your problems

    • BBNaija is to show Ur real self not a movie where u act as another person, funke is acting based on d script and d role given to her but Gifty is acting out of line.

    • Princess JC Lara Olowo my dear leave that talk everyone is fake , Gifty know what will give headlines joor funke should be use to such instead of her trying to blast a lady like her

    • Princess JC Lara Olowo me and you knows what will give us headlines to be all over d news and noticed for months or years . Why acting she is not in d game

    • Oluwaseun Mary me and you that is expressing ourself here did anybody noticed us . Check d word she use on her , she is making mockery of her . That is not how she should express herself if you are seeing it frm that view now .

    • Fine.. its understandable, Winners Eriaghegbe is fake, Gifty is fake but Our Jennifer is not fake, she acts in movies just as her real sef… No get headache

  19. What’s all this rant by funke Akindele,all I see is envy o.No be Gifty say make u no fine or yellow.funke is ranting.Gifty gat my 100%support.all this hate and critics is only making my gifty more popular.

  20. Me Too Don’t Know Who’s #Banky_W And #Falz 0h. Please Are They Footballers 0r Actors In Movie???

  21. Funke akindele is your original name Jenifer are you not being fake by answering Jenifer besides this your Jenifer diary palava no be deceive you De deceive people by acting as ara oko, what do you call that in real English aunty analyst is it not being fake because of this know that you’re the worst fake on naija entertainment screen, or really perhaps it may be that you don’t really understand good English let alone communicate with it, yet trying to fool many so that they won’t understand that you’re not grammatical stable!

  22. What’s all this atack on this gifty girl jst because she said she doesn’t know Banky w? Is Banky w now God that everybody should know? Its possible she didn’t really know who he was. Make Una free the babe Abeg. Mtcheew

    • Thank dear, don’t mind them. Me I listen to christian Nigeria music only please I don’t know him too

    • The thing weak my bone ooo, gifty this gifty dat, Haba Nigerians get problem. Jst dey kill themselves for people wey no even know say them dey exist

    • Oyinbo Harmony Staunch I Dnt have to know him because that is not going to add anything to my life. You that know him thank God for your life

    • Y’ll don’t understand Pple are just mad at her fake life Its just like a local govt chairman saying he doesn’t know the governor That girl claims to be into entertainment On her Instagram page actress is boldly written on it So tell me .. How can she claim not to know the big names in the industry She’s a fake bitch for all I care

    • He is not God.And why equate him to The Almighty?….that girl wants stardom and the easiest way is to pull another star down by riding on his back…and she said she is an actress?metchuu…if na America she dey act ,then l say she does not know him but in Niaja?that girl na first class liar!…infact na lair pikin and a big fraud too.

    • u all should know that gifty is lying if she claim to be an actress why won’t she know banking w and falz the bahd guy haven’t she come across those name on social media? one day she will tell Nigerians that she is not on social media too

    • Gifty is just a stinking lier, if she claims to be an actress, and she goes on social media she should knw dis guys. If she doesn’t knw dis guys dat means she is actually living in d forest.

    • She is a verrry big liar Even a lil child knows banky Talk more of an actress. Make she get out

    • Precious martins u that put flower on ur head as ur fb profile pix can u sell vegetable through ur head for ur mumsy? u are also fake

    • How will she know wen she spend time looking for guy to finger her Abi…. Are u sure she knows Nigeria?

    • Precious Martin’s, may thunder from the four wings of the earth strike you to death. Idiot, Banky w sister

  23. And they have finally succeeded in making gifty achieved her aim which is to become very popular cos right now she is the most popular housemates in BBN and the most mentioned name after buhari ….oya make una talk

  24. Abeg make una live Gifty alone. Her lies or truth is even making the whole thing fun. I love her reply to big brother’s question….”# Am in this house and I don’t miss anybody.# all these has make people talk about her more than any other house mate.

  25. Hehe every haters of Gifty reading or sending in comments one I know for sure be say Gifty no borrow Money from una papa or any family members to come bbnaija, so is up to her whatever she decides to do there either to be fake or original so all I will humbly advice such people as this is to save your story for gods capiche’!

    • U have never made any sense even till this point… Just negodu… Drop ur phone and pray… Dear father —- make my sense come alive in Jesus name…

  26. keep hating gifty. As a matter of fact she is my best in bbn. I just can’t wait to see her as d winner.

  27. I think Funke should put her energy more on voting for her “real” bisola than ganging people against gity. Banky w is not USA visa. Free her please.

    • I tire oooo,my sister……….make dem take banky and falz go collect money for bank since dem know dem well well……..

    • The only sensible comment … what the hell free this chic its all drama, entertainment she’s playing her role well why are people taking it personal and hating gifty for nothing… seeing him on tv no mean say she Sabi the guy Na, personally I don’t know majority of nija artist am not a fan jeez!!

  28. nd for anty funke for d fact u roll with banky W nd falz does not mean everybody should dem. no b everybody Kwn God let alone banky nd falz. Metcheeeeew

  29. Funke you are going too far with gifty pls watch it…u started dis way and gifty is more better dan u. Dat means you will kill urself if gifty said she doesn’t know u den.

  30. did funke hold her? Gift speak her mind then funke now do the same too so you should live alone too #NOTABIGDEAL

  31. Funke busy body, what’s now your headache. Please let the girl be Face your marriage, it will do you more good.

  32. Anty Funke I believe if u re real ur first marriage wouldn’t ve crash focus on bearing children for ur new husband nd leave Gifty alone u re not better than her.

    • What has dis have to do with her marriage???? Must yhu mock her marriage???? May u pass what she is passing through so when someone mock you the way you just did to her you know how it feels….

    • Win Nie Donatella may u pass whatever u re wishing me u didn’t hear wen she said that Gifty is fake is Funke real u re here saying rubbish.

    • I can c ur head is empty, biased mind… Be mindful of ur comment, r u mocking her womb? U r a woman remember… Nemesis, law of karma, they r all real o my sis… Wish others what u wish urself Cos if they didn’t wrong u, ur bad wishes might just bounce back on u. U owe her an apology… Else the thunder that will strike u is still doing fasting.

    • just passing by,u pple r just insulting yourselves here,one marriage isn’t bed of roses n though am not married but no what isn’t easy to combine marriage n acting don’t actually know what is going on here but u pple should stop insulting yourselves n pray for a better thing to come,gifty or no gifty,funkr attacks gifty as nafin to do with u cause they r making their money

    • Hmmmm,,,no manner in human being these days,,what does her marriage have to do wit some one forming for Africa,don’t u know that things u say to people sometimes come back to take effect on u,,as old as u are,,I don’t think u are married at ur age cos if u are,,u wouldn’t talk about someone’s married life in such manner

    • In marriage no one is perfect. So dear watch ur tongue. No perfect marriage everyone has story to tell…!

  33. U people should leave my gifty oooo, but wait oooo how can someone dat go all d way to bbnija said she doesn’t know falz and banky w if nt dat she is too fake even people dat leave in a remote areas know banky and falz, gifty my darling try and urself becus bbnija is a place to show once real self nt to come and be a fake darling

    • @bliz like seriously u dnt also know dem wow dats amazing gal, but which part of d planet did u emerged from

    • All des bla bla bla bla bla bla talking non of dem even know us we re just der fans trying to support and make dem grow der re all our brodas and sisters so any tym u see a Spain call it a spain,,,,, let us just pray for d best OK

    • My dear Glory Gabriel..uhnnn.. Leave them o.. U would know they are no different from this same gifty girl.. When a Nigerian actress as she claim doesn’t know BankyW.. and she’s still the only one who said negative abt him when biggie asked..and this same person speaks ‘fake accent’ and is a virgin..they kukuma asked her how she learnt all of it..even gave her option of watching porn she said no, and this same person in the house wants to make a French delicacy with Garri and Vegetable.. Abeg leave the girl to be evicted.

  34. Mehn! Must everything be based on tribes? Gifty’s tribes Nd family will definitely back their person up. Imagine,only few knows d truth,because funke is a celebrity she shouldn’t express herself again? Jst d way gifty did,funke says her mind too. Oshi

  35. So u guyz are Supporting gifty nw abi, for those of u here dat have insulted her before funke , GOD dey watch u. Nd for those of u talking abou her marriage, oga /madam mind ur business. She is nt the only one dat have ever insulted dis gifty

  36. If she says she don’t know banky w is it a crime?. Must she know him? Is banky w God? Answer me all this judges without certificate? Can’t some express her self again without all this busy bodies slamming her? Na by force to know banky w , falze or any celebrity ?. OK you that claimed to know them I hope it puts food on your table for the rest of your life! Rubbish! To me funke’s involvement in this is such a shame and classless of her period! How many times have you seen Genevieve, Stephen Linus, omosexy got involved in such a classless show like funke did? That classy celebs. I think funke as a person is packaging now I now her real self is what she acts in Jennifer’s diary.

  37. Gifty babe i know you and have seen you dear, just continue to do wat you are there for and don’t mind all the amibos who don’t have any thing to do, we just want to hear you win

  38. Mr Anthony uzochukwu,yes she isn’t beautiful as she is but she is more real than her,gifty is just a fake ass bitch,leave her marriage alone,dats none of ur biz,at least she is richer nd more famous Dan ur gal gifty

    • Sowie Godwin u just insulted me for nothing but I won’t say anyfin to u,cos u r nothing of importance,say whatever u wish,am not bothered at all am not wat u say,so don’t kia wat u say,sowie luv,don’t hate urself ok

    • Sylvia if u are no bitch d word wouldn’t av affected u much but I can see it does,lolzzz,ladies are so funny always feeling d nid to b disciplined outside while dey are so naughty inside,gifty is a bitch if u don’t lyk it kill itself,she is fake as hell,lies for Africa,nd kiss for d Asia,pls tell ur dear gifty to comport herself,cheerful giving won’t take her anywer.thanks I am Bridget Kemmer nd I just wanna make common sences..thanks luv

  39. If she does not know Banky W am 110% sure she does not know you. Funke with this attack on Gifty cz she said the truth cud actually make her win this game cz you are actually advertising her name big time. So u be real n just do u. Leave Gifty alone with her fakeness. Nkt!

  40. Chyluv nze you’ve just told a story to the gods!please waka pass! Ehen where is my fake Gifty my dear please keep your original copy at home o because some people like fapping original at least when they wan fap and see say na your fake they hiss waka pass like emmn wetin be that girl name again shee na ship lose abi na wetin anofi remember hawe!

  41. If she says she don’t know banky w is it a crime?. Is banky w God? Answer me all this judges without certificate? Can’t some express her self again without all this busy bodies slamming her? Na by force to know banky w , falze or any celebrity ?. OK you that claimed to know them I hope it puts food on your table for the rest of your life! Rubbish! To me funke’s involvement in this is such a shame and classless of her period!

  42. All of una no get sense,those people they make there money una dey here dey talk nonsense, who know una wey they comment nonsense….. Just minding my business’s sha….

  43. Gifty u must be prayerful, u have too much enemies… To say d fact gifty is not a pretender some housemates are even worst than her but just pretending…i love her though even when she was being evicted for the 2nd term #teambisola

  44. Funke, it seems that you are not busy at all. Am not a fan of that gifty but must she know everybody? If she says she does not know Banky W, whats the big deal? Is not as if Banky is the most celebrated musician or the President of Nigeria. Someone may even not know or decide not to know P square, 2face, Beyonce or Celine Dion. Whats there? If you want to kill her because she does not know the so called Banky, then go and buy gun and kill her. Mtchewwww!

  45. I tire bcos she don’t know banky she is now a double celeb… Please I don’t know Obama

  46. I love d way ur seeking ur own attention gifty I pray dat u win on like bisola that freely offered her breast to be sucked

  47. & how many Ppl do u think are real in that house??? Plz stop beefing that Gifty girl. SMS “Vote Gifty” to 32052

  48. Gifty bitchty you are coming home on sunday here i hope you will be famous again after saying rubbish about nigeria’s stars oooo…smh


  50. she is playin her game pls let her b nigerians r jealous of her beauty jaree she is my gal luv her she speak her language always so how is she fake

  51. This is just jealousy ,is she the only one in there,cos she is pretty probably igbo,well haters go soon get heart attack is now a must to know all the celebrities nawaaaaa.

  52. Funke better respect your self and mind your business. .i don’t understand all this Yoruba girls

  53. Don’t mind her my gifty, she is just being jealous, u ar d best among all d gals in d house, is banky W a God 4 everyone to know! Luv u gifty

  54. Sooooo many men are like leave her oooooooo she isn’t fake… Few months after big brother nails and they go and chyke her… If she refuses arrogantly or not… U would hear this matter again different guys tweeting, Gifty is fake ooooo. Umu nwoke d’ike

  55. Who is this funke akindele self? Abeg make she face bush all is she herself real? If she is real y all d many forming in jenifas diary mtchewwwwwwwwwwww

  56. Love u Jenifa(Funke Akindele)….. Ur kind of acting is exceptional. U r a good actress. But some things r better left unsaid.

  57. I can see Gifty has so many supporters here, pls let’s join hand to keep her in the house by voting for her this weekend .

  58. Funke pls let this lady gifty be…. Some one like my Father does not even know some celebrities and he listens to their songs on d radio jst for listening sake, and will end up asking who sang this song? so how much more Banky W and Falz. Candidly speaking some people don’t pay attention on all this celebrities!

  59. Who is this gift self I give one 1⃣month her name go enter black list of fame she no go the famous

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  61. Rita Stephen cajetan I know is some one with a canker wormed brain like you that will ask such and idiotic question, was it you or your Aunty Jenifer that sent her to Big brother naija that she should impress both of you by borrowing your characters? Have you not heard that the devil you know is better than the angel Rita cajetan that no one knows on bbnaija or do you not know that he that lacks knowledge is he that should seek knowledge, if you know allow those that has not learnt to learn, let me drop my pen here cos u can be my Sis tomorrow so I need to give you a place of hug incase we meet being cousins or nieces. Finally let him that fly on air not mock he that can not crawl or call him imperfect it could be you little sis trust me I can defend you #one speaking for the defend less and judged with out mercy it could be you remember!

    • Who talk abeg?? Abi who type?? Mummmy judgmental ko eh if my aunty is jenifa dem ur daughter is gifty xo dat d equation will balance mtcheeew She’a be coping note say she is a commenter gerrouta here jor

  62. Funke should b praying against one prophecy like that. Not here ranting. She already said her vote is for Bisola. Leave our gifty alone na. She is ours and we re cool.

  63. The earlier you start realizing that gifty is fake the better for you. That was how she blended garlic and put water in it the first week she came and said she drinks that everyday but how far? Behaves like a psychopath and one with amnesia.

  64. Favour chukwu my dear Sis I will greatly appreciate it if you discuss it with your husband to sponsor me at least let it be what I gained from your hand as my sis so that I will not send comments that will disgrace you, favour Harvard I hope you won’t change your mind to send me to school cos I really need your assistance aunty favour chukwu Adekoya!

  65. Well I have taken my precious time to read comments hea and come to observe that the main problem hea which has been the utmost problem in dis our country is #tribalism. People turn truth to lies as far as it favours his/her broda. Let us desist from dis vice and pursue the reality. #jxmyobservation

  66. People sef,,,,,all these people that are insulting funke(u all are hypocrites,,I could remember u all were pouring out on the so called gifty before)

  67. If she doesn’t know banky w and falz at this her age, maybe she is not a Nigerian or didn’t grow here simple, very soon she will say she dont know Goodluck Jonathan. Who doesn’t know bad Baddoo baddest, soft work that was printed to people’s pic all over Nigeria, damn

    • Lol,happily married with kids,life is a free gift from God so people should learn to mind there business and live God to judge others.

    • Princess Jessica what of you, at your age you are still single, upon all your makeup you’re still ugly, see all your front hair done chop finish like woman were dey collect chemotherapy treatment.

  68. What concerns gifty beauty with what funke is saying all of u that are comparing there beauty are you better than any of them??? #ugly_fools , evil supporters,,make una no go find una talent

  69. Gift is just insane by saying that and she also added that banky w was paid to come and impress them

  70. Whatz d big deal in saying she does nt know Banky W @least she did nt lie and tell us she was 1nce Banky ‘s Gf .

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  72. What nonsense tribalism be this one…am so dissapointed with my queen reaction concernn my sister..

  73. Infact I don’t no who is gifty,but my thought about her statement to B W is ,maybe they av mate in corner and BW disappoint her ,cos am surprise of what she said.

  74. Fighting over pple who doesn’t even know u exist … Hmmm…m mindeding my bizness according to someone I don’t knw

  75. Damn it what’s wrong with u people oh so cos aunty Funke is a celebrity she can’t make a comment or give her perception about Gifty ..everyone has his or her own perception about things so don’t go about insulting people cos they don’t say something positive about a particular person cos u like the person ..everyone has the right to make his or her comment ya all should stop been too Judgemental .some saying she’s fake cos of the movie Jenifa u all knw its a movie does that mean she’s like that real life or cos she acted the bush girl in jenifa then she’s fake please let’s all try to think about things properly before slaming others that means ur trying to say all the actors and actresses acting are fake cos of the roles they play in movies that’s all wrong abeg and we all jobless cos both Aunty Funke and Gifty are doing what they can do to make their money and if we like it or not they popular yet we here criticising them ..let’s also learn to see the good side of people and stop judgemental everyone has their reasons for what they do so let them be and let’s all mind our business and work on ourselves first instead of criticising someone else wen our lives are not good examples to others let’s all work on ourselves and make a difference .

  76. Some are just been I dunno unfair cos u like Gift u insulting Aunty cos of her opinion about Gift u all are damn funny like seriously yet with all this insult and bad Comments aboy Aunty Funke and Gifty we still remain were we are and have always been while the move higher ,make more money ,have fun and continue to be successful in life and get more popular hmmmmm

  77. This is the mentality of Nigerians.. stupid fuckers in the name of celebrities want to be known around all nukes and crannies like they’re God.. and you expect her to be what you said because you said so bitch? Matter of fact you’re way ugly to be compared to her beauty… You’re attention seekers with the fame and if nobody acknowledge you it becomes a crime fuck you… I’ll bang any of you if I’d a gun in the streets

  78. Gifty says she doesn’t knw Banky yet she said is fake and proud since she doesn’t knw him y should she just assume and say such a thing about who she doesn’t know come to think of it she’s wrong for saying that …u don’t just meet someone for the first time u say u don’t knw the person say bad things about the person she also needs to work on herself abeg u don’t criticize people that way

  79. Gift gift, my vote go for you, you are just two good, I love everything about you, and for you funke you are there saying stupid things, you beta go and face your prophecy

  80. Funke 10x so much,that’s just the description that suit her,I MUST BE ONG,I MUST BE NOTICED,don’t know how she sailed thru audition. Funke pls ignore some people.arrant nonsense.

  81. FUNke ! Funke!! Funke !!! Season 1 Jealousy go kill u , I know ur mission to gang people for BISOLA but kkkkkkkkkkk u are failed OK. To think of it everything about funke is fake noting at all is real including the way she looks hahahahahaha


  83. Why are you guys killing yourself over Banky W he’s just a human being not GOD almighty, weather Gifty is fake or real please you guys should allow the poor girl be. ✌✌

  84. Gifty gifty that’s her own strategy of hitting likes and been noticed… It’s a game… She’s played it so well now everyone is on gify either positive or negative she’s been talked… On

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  87. Joan Ameh!God bless u for me I never wanted to say anything but u made me to,that Gifty of a thing should also watch her tongue she speak about Banky as if she was waiting for him to come so she could unleash her anger……….Gifty are u sure u don’t know Banky or u are just pretending anyway left for u. And as for Mr.Anthony Uzochukwu…….plsssss I beg u stop condemning Funke if u have a child glory be to God and if u don’t may God give u as funke is also suffering from the same faith pls don’t mock her,rather pray for her

  88. Is not by force every one must known banky people should leave my Gifty is not been fakeing

  89. Funke mind your business. Gifty is the most popular and prettiest housemates in BBN 2017.


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