Entertainment News Seyilaw Calls Out Two Men Who Says His Daughter Obese

Seyilaw Calls Out Two Men Who Says His Daughter Obese


Seyilaw Calls Out Two Men Who Says His Daughter ObeseSeyilaw took the no chill route when two internet trolls stated that his daughter is obese.

It was a case of pot calling kettle black as it is obvious from the photos that the men are on the plus-size side.

Seyilaw Calls Out Two Men Who Says His Daughter ObeseThe comedian took to Instagram to share pictures of the two guys with the following words, ‘I will delete this shorty, but please look at this male turkey saying my baby is obese.
You wey your head dey quarrel your neck.
Well, who NOSEs what sickness you are fighting? Goiter or Jw inflammation?
@saintcanada take the popularity you seek.
@olubabash even you this goat.”

Seyilaw Calls Out Two Men Who Says His Daughter ObeseHe has since deleted the post as promised.


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  1. I don’t just understand people at all. You are slim they call you alika, You are fat, they call you orobo. You are tall, they call you ogolo, You are short, they call you dwarf. Abeg seyi law, no mind them. People must talk because their name nah Ekwutosu, and it go pepper them for body because their name na Perpertua.

  2. jobless poeple wont mind their business,seyilaw,dont mind them,they are jealous,continue feeding your bundle of joy.its GOD blessing,pamper her as you like,let these two jobless men go and jump into the lagoon…

  3. Nigerian are 2 busy looking for dirt in anothers aye while their own ayes nah waste bin. This one e face dey like over rise kpof kpof(bones) is talking rubbish here, if his baby is obessed is it ur business?? Did he ask u to come and help him carry her?? My friend kara away

  4. That is one healthy chubby baby….. How can you even call a baby fat! When all babies should be chubby! And you are/intend to be a dad one day? Only God knows what pressure you’ll put on them to remain skinny….

  5. The best thing is to just ignore them…..They just some loners seeking for attention…..this is the third time his baby is being called obese and he keeps on replying them back…….guy just bone them they gon shut the fuck up when you no longer give a damn about them

  6. if d bby tin na dem go say u no feed d mama well or dem go say d mama no dey breastfeed d bby make her breast no fall hmmm Niger

  7. But if you see the baby’s full pix, you will notice she is not fat. 70-90% of babies at 5-6months are like that. She just has chubby checks which she genetically got from her father. I bet she hasnt started teething, crawling cos those could help slim a baby.

  8. The truth is this baby is fat especially her face, if she continue to grow like this, she will be too fat while growing up. Nobody wants too much fat baby girl. Anyway some people like to show off shaa

  9. but y is seyilaw replying them sef.he doesnt av to fight d whole nigerian for his daughter.silence would av been a beta answer to give to them.i love babie with cheeks.

  10. She is fat because her father has the money to overfeed her, personally I want moderately sized children but it no one’s business how fat or slim one’s children are, my question to those fat guys is wetin dem dey chop atleast the baby na milk, meat and egg.

  11. What is wrong in saying the truth??? Nobody abused the girl or said any wrong thing order than saying “she is obsessed “and needs the help of her mum to put her in shape as a baby…Can’t you people see the baby is obsessed and not chubby….You’re shying away from the truth cos she is the daughter of a celebrity,mtchewww….Na who seyilaw EPP????

    • My dear is obvious that you cannot see well,the baby look exactly like her father ,why are you calling her name’s,even if she is her mother is happy with her,at last she is called a mother period

    • You’re getting it wrong.. Obesity is not a name and am not calling her names..She is too big(obsessed) and it should be taken care,mostly her cheeks..

    • That baby is very normal can’t u see she is the smaller version of her dad the same cheeks just bcos she is a baby than is obvious, I beg make una leave baby alone.

  12. How can someone open their sepulchre called mouth & call a child names if they r not stupid!…cursed ppple…mtcheww

  13. U shouldn’t reply any one based on dat issue. Dey just wana get u angry. After all u dey yab people all in d name of comedy…

  14. Abeg o Enemies back off Syilaw,,,I love your baby She s beautiful n special I can’t wait 2 have my baby,,amen

  15. she’s just a toddler na…. Some babies are like that between a month and six…if there is something wrong am sure doctor would have said it to them… She’s cute on my own eyes

  16. God didn’t create you to please anyone. I think he should learn to start ignoring people and their comments.

  17. Obsessed is meant for those very fat adult DAT finds it difficult to watch their weight,d baby is big yes but will definitely outgrow d stage. N plz u guyz shud go n give birth to ur own make we see

  18. No difference between d girl n d men. How many people seyi law wan fight sef? Will you keep quiet?

  19. They themselves are obes. That is to show that Seyi is really taking care of his daughter and mind you, she needs to be this way to grow not some tiny hungry babies like quashorkor. And anyway, she’s growing for Christ sake. It is very possible that those guys were only joking but unfortunately for them, Seyi took it in a bad way.

  20. Hahahahahahaha!! Like seriously, I ddnt call his baby obese. I only replied to someone’s comment on his I.G page. He took it personal. Besides, Seyilaw and other comedians also yab others people’s fathers, mothers, antys and former presidents and governors. Why is it paining him now wen one comments about his baby? Do unto others wat u want others to do unto you.

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