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“Sex Is Too Deep, Don’t Just Have It With Anybody”- Actress Mercy Macjoe


“Sex Is Too Deep, Don’t Just Have It With Anybody”- Actress Mercy MacjoeNollywood actress, Mercy Macjoe, in an interview, bared her mind on several issues bordering on sex, relationship and romance.

The actress who has come a long way in the Nollywood industry, may tell you she isn’t so proud of her first break out movie in the industry in 2013 that starred her and fellow actress, Amanda Ebeye, where she wore bra top and shorts throughout, but she’s certainly proud of where she is right now and definitely knows a thing or two when it comes to the pros and cons of the make-believe enclave.

Macjoe, in an interview with  Potpourri, dropped a message for girls who love to take a tumble in the hay at the drop of a hat, says sex shouldn’t be a spontaneous thing.

“I think sex is very deep. Over time, I have come to realize that one shouldn’t just have it with anybody or everybody.

Some spiritual people will tell you that sex is more than the time you spend in making love. It is deep. People have to be careful,” she cautions.

On relationships, the actress believes that, they, in the limelight don’t have it easy as people often misjudge them and assume they live reckless lives on account of some roles they have played.

“If you are dating someone in the limelight, you need to be understanding. Relationship is beyond love and it requires a lot of understanding. If you understand that the lady is just playing the role, it will work that way,” she says.


Of course, she’s on top of her game and also endowed with the looks and she knows it and wouldn’t mince words about it.

“Every part of my body is sexy. I think I am naturally beautiful. I know I have nice curves and I am beautiful. When I look in the mirror all I see is a beautiful and sexy lady,” she purrs.


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