Weird and Strange Serial Bride Ties The Nuptial Knot For The Fifth Time

Serial Bride Ties The Nuptial Knot For The Fifth Time


Alison Smith hits the headlines for her many, brief marriages as she got married four times before she was 24.

However after making a vow never to marry again she tied the knot yesterday to her new husband and fifth husband.

The mother-of-two from Arbroath is likely hoping her latest marriage fares better than her previous four.

Here is Alison’s marriage history that made her a serial bride:

Marriage One: Alison’s marriage to George Greenhowe lasted for 10 days after George had an affair with her mother Pat and eventually left her for Pat.

Marriage Two: Alison was meant to marry Peter Knight but he got cold feet the day before the wedding and ran off. His best friend Daniel Innes,18, ‘stepped in’ and married Alison instead.

Marriage Three: Having divorced Daniel due to ‘family pressures’, Alison married Willie McKellican. She soon discovered he was already married.
He was investigated by the police for bigamy but no charges were brought. Alison left him.

Marriage Four: Alison married Alex Shepherd, a friend of her first husband George. He divorced her after discovering she was having an affair with Matthew Hume, 48.

Marriage Five: Alison and Matthew married yesterday at Arbroath town hall. The service was attended by family including her mother and stepfather and ex-husband George.

What a bride!

Pat and George

Pat and George

Marriage number 3

Marriage number 3

Marriage number 1

Marriage number 1


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