News See what this lady saw inside her 5-Alive Juice 

See what this lady saw inside her 5-Alive Juice 


Hmmm… Nigeria and corporate responsibility or the lack of corporate responsibility.

We have been hearing of people seeing foreign objects inside their food and drinks and this is no exception.

According to the person involved, she drank straight out of the pack and she tasted lumps.

Now corporate bodies do go Scott free with these acts in Nigeria, so it’s about time someone calls them to order. 

  1. eh, person no fit trust any product now,dat was how i found dollar inside Baron 😉

  2. nonsense, how did she know something was in it… as you are destroying this product to certain to produce another one

  3. There is nothing someone will not hear these days, abeg i cover my mouth with the blood of Jesus

  4. I hear repeated rumours of packaged foods that contain some unexpected or unwanted stuff. Everybody should be alert