News See What Soldier Did To A Man Who Was Falsely Accused Of...

See What Soldier Did To A Man Who Was Falsely Accused Of Stealing A Phone


The man lying on the ground in the photos shared by Facebook user, Martin Beck Nworah, is being brutally punished by a Military man after he was wrongly accused of stealing a phone in Awka, Anambra state.

The Facebook user wrote:

I believe in this country and our institutions. But scenes like this in the public make me cringe.
I am afraid of being a Nigerian!!!

See photos below…

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  1. I just don’t like this Army people, the same thing goes with the ones in my town here, they misuse power and treat human like animals. Its just so sad

  2. The excesses of uniformed men need to be checked because it is becoming too much!!..Why do they like giving jungle justice to suspected persons!

  3. He was wrongly accused and the soldier punished him even without verifying the authenticity of the accusation. That’s the kind of soldiers we have in this country, those that feel they can do anything to any civilian and nobody will question them. No wonder power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

  4. I just dont understand Nigerian Army nowadays. See hw they treated him as if he is a killer. Did he kill anyone in the process of acquiring the phone from the owner? So, why this treatment? Sha, It’s the guy’s fault. If he had refused to steal, he wouldnt have passd 2ru this stage

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  6. I pity the thief.. That time wasn’t ur lucky time… Eventhough u didn’t steal it, do u think nigerian army will like to listen to what u have to say? You r on ur own… Though the treatment is inhuman

  7. What part of the constitution gives civil servants right to oppress and brutalise bonafide Nigerian citizens like animals?This is serious .Send this impunity as a tweet to the President .The Human Rights Commission is not doing it’s job, if not this should not be happening in the first instance.

  8. Matters of theft & other domestic crimes should be reported to the appropriate authorities which are the police. The soldiers shouldn’t meddle in little things. Though, I know this is as a result of familiarity. The accuser must be related to the soldier

  9. why won’t them misbehave?when they are bunch of illiterates… they take people anyhow to work for them,mad things

  10. I was in wuse market in Abuja on the 16th of this month 2 soldiers were brought by his brother because he have a misunderstanding with someone there in the market they were punishing the guy wen A Brigadier General came to the market with his men luckily for the innocent victim the solder was arrested


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