Weird and Strange See these mother and son photos that is driving the Internet crazy

See these mother and son photos that is driving the Internet crazy


These photos of Ms Lopez and her son JayChris have been making the rounds on the Internet and it’s causing a lot of outrage.


According to Lopez’s Facebook page, she is single and has another child, a daughter, Tia. In all her Facebook and Instagram pages, there is no photo of her kissing her daughter but there are several intimate photos of her kissing her son, as far back as when he was a lot younger.

People have asked for Child protection services to be invited to her home to check her activities.

More photos and comments after the cut… 1a1-21a21a1


    • WITH HIS HANDS ON HER ASS IS NOT BAD RIGHT? I don’t understand you OO madam can you allow your son at this stage to hold you ass?

    • Y… waz just a photoshot pls….and d boy is kind of romantic child pls….she is his mum….so?….is it u she will allow to touch it…??Africans sha……jealous fellows….i really love this romantic child….and mum o…moreover he did d same to his sister….they were just catching fun…and u guyz ar already reading meaning to it…Africans???I can love my son like this o…he is still a child..

    • Don’t tell me wat to say pls…just say ur own [email protected]

      • i guess you do the same so to you its not wrong. i wonder what you will do he he starts pulling down your pants even easier if you sleep naked. just imagine it. mother and son in a romantic mood…

    • Crazy u. Are u blind? Does dat look like mothers love. Is it until they go to bed naked before you understand?.

  1. Hope this is the only thing that happens?cos if she can show us this particular disturbing pics it means there is more to what the eye is seeing.

  2. I swear if i be your fada you do die…waiting he suppose to day enjoy you just day chope all idiot pikin,you way u day tall na so you take day touch you mum for ass

    • family romans pure blood family i hope you didnt have the boy for your father . as daughter love their father

  3. Everything is wrong about it, personally I don’t fan idiosyncratic attitude. A mother should love her son and vice versa but not to the extent of lips kissing at this grown up stage. Kissing alone is not love, there are many things you’ll do to your son to show how much you love him.

  4. I still kiss my 2yr old daughter on d lips but I stopped kissing my 7yr old when she was 5…. But I still do not see anything wrong in long as it stops at that…

  5. Is too bad actually she is jst teaching him bad behavior he may grow up taking sex as nothing cause these is not a feature of responsible parenthood

  6. A child dat wil spoil must surely spoil.. dz is nt wat cn make a child spoil.. there are parents who dnt play with dia kids, dey ar always mean to dem etc.. yet dey spoil morethan anytin u cn think of.. so dnt judge… #Kisses

  7. Wrong wrong. This is going to ruin the future marriage of this young man.if I am permitted this should be the lead of being a single parent ,takes the child like her life ,this boy in school will corrupt all other of his mates of his age that does not do this to their mothers , if she can do this what stops her from dressing naked in front of this boy ? Or going to see other men with this young child.this is wrong and is wrong

  8. She mad ooooo, turning her son to her husband or boyfriend, taboo,abomination who knows what else they have been doing in secret, may God forgive you.

  9. Are u sure theres notin going on btw them be cause he is like 14 nd i hv seen a 13 yr old boy get his mom pregnant

  10. This is a sign of what is about to happen in around the crazy side of the world.Mother sleeping with her son.I think the Congress will soon look into their so called right to do what they want and feel and pass it into law. My happiness is that there is absolutely no room or will be any room for such demonic madness here in the part of the world where I belong.period.

  11. Love for a child or children in a family does not come only from a mother.I want to see a post where a father is kissing his daughter and hear comments about that also.

  12. Why r u guyz crying over her headache, is et not her son?? Nigerians why una too deey compln…. Nd always think negative fins 4someone, d way u pple r taking it may not b her taught. Na waaa ooo….

  13. Is it wen he touches re waist n kisses d mum dat shows dat dey love each oda,as son n mum,one gud day he wil climb her.

    • Rubbish talk! So your son that came out of you cannot put his hand around your waist but your husband or boyfriend that you dont know from the scratch but marriage brought you together can.

  14. I don’t fink dat young boi is gonna get married wen he can’t afford to loose wot he is enjoying. Buh not bhad my baby mama must love my baby boi.

  15. She is not crazy. It do happened sometimes when the man that got you pregnant abandoned you, and you have to transfer the love to your baby

  16. D day my future son will try dis is d day he will start paying his school fees by himself. In d name of being westernized we shud now start behaving like animals? Nonsense! Even some animals have limits to their behavior.

  17. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with mother kissing her son it’s time people mind their own business and allow others to do their own thing. What of thise of u that sleep with ur wife and ur wife’s sisters at the same time? The mother simply love her Son

    • Grab ass? Rissa Angrish Page putting hands on mummy’s ass doesn’t mean grabbing mums ass u guys should just lets the boy and the mother be.. Period.. You can see the young man is her mums pride

  18. Is love oh pls mind your business because na him mum ass him squeeze and him father no complain way be her husband

  19. Only few ppl here are actually sensible…. It’s because it’s a picture if u actually see it with ur eyes d kiss won’t even last a second….My mum used to kiss me when i was little and i grew up fine… Now she’s the best thing in my life…. If u think kissing ur mother on the lips is a bad thing it’s obvious ur parents didn’t show u love

  20. Some of you people are sick!!! I don’t see any proof of incest here. Their is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a mother kissing her child’s lips. Stop painting the worst story over a picture and leave this woman alone.

  21. I never wanted to comment but I have to, some people are far too dumb, dumber than dumb! A boy that came out of my pussy and sucked my breast cannot put his hand around my waist but a man that I don’t know from the Adams but marriage brought us together can. Are you trying to tell me that I can’t cuddle and peck my 20 year old son? If you critized this pix, come forward. You are an enemy to yourself. Kneel down, lemme pray for you! You must be a big witch or wizard

  22. Why are you people judging them like that. Just because they uploaded it on social media..they’re many women out there sleeping,spoiling and teaching their children bad behavior without posting it on social might be even the husband that take the shot yet he didn’t complain..pls leave those guys alone for christ sake

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  24. Total rubbish.This is no more a mother to son’s love.It is too romantic for my liking.NONSENSE.