Art & Humour See The Hilarious Replies This Tanzanian Lady Got After Saying Ghanaian Jollof...

See The Hilarious Replies This Tanzanian Lady Got After Saying Ghanaian Jollof Is Better Than Nigerian Jollof


Anywhere you are in the world, please don’t ever give a terrible remark on Nigerian Jollof rice or even dare to say it’s less better than any other country’s, particularly, Ghana’s… Cause Nigerians will come for you! They defend their Jollof better than they defend their projects no kidding!

After receiving replies from Nigerians, I’m sure this Tanzanian will wish to retract her comment on Ghanaian Jollof being better than Nigerian Jollof – she took to Twitter that she has happened to taste both cuisines and opinionated that Ghana’s is better than Nigeria’s.

Nigerians came for her and their replies is just hilarious… See below:


  1. Lolzz. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. she might like the Ghanaian jollof more than the Nigerian jollof but hey she didn’t have to say it on social media. I trust naija people to defend their national image.

  2. Nigerian Jollof rice no bi any other country mumu rice!!..JOLLOF RICE NA D REASON WEY PEOPLE DEY GATECRASH WEDDINGS,PARTIES and it’s likes….Na who born other country rice beside NAIJA JOLLOF RICE!!…*End of speech.Thank you!!

  3. I don’t think the best jollof should be based on the country of the chef but it should be based on the chef himself/herself. Most of these people claiming naija or Ghana jollof is the sweetest haven’t even tasted Ghanian jollof they’re just reping their country

  4. Ghanaian jollof can never Taste better than dat of Nigeria’s, am a chef and I work in a hotel owns by a Ghanaian, my boss confirmed it… N many Ghanaian coming dia said so too..

  5. Abeg where I fit see the so called Ghana jollof rice buy,cuz I no understand whether no be still rice dem use Cook am.

  6. kai its true nigerians just dey manage anam.rice…it will be false until rice reduces to 15,000

  7. i beg Nigeria jollof is super,which Ghana jollof are they talking about.i have tasted Ghanaian jollof many times.Nigeria is still the best


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