Art & Humour See This Bride’s Look On Her Wedding Day

See This Bride’s Look On Her Wedding Day



What will our eyes not see on this plane each passing day huh?! I’m not even sure about what I’m seeing here though… I seriously am confused… Is she wearing something beneath her wedding dress or what the heck is that?!

What do you think though?!

  1. So far his husband sees it n never complained wetin n y I won see am.? E no concern me HML

  2. May be she borrow wedding gown because is too tite for her n may dat’s d reason y d hubby can’t complain.

  3. This kind low self esteemed breast ehn?…the woman just carry her sagy breast from her waist side cum fold am come up like that..Issorite!!!!?

  4. Y people dey disturb dem self bcoz of sum1 problem even though she breast feed him 4 una self wetin consent una

  5. I wasn’t trained to poke nose on people’s personal life and business. Since the husband approved her to advertise the baby food to the public who am I to stop. Since I can’t touch the goods she is advertising[breast] let me at least see it in fact let me view the market again [breast]