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How to Secure your Samsung Galaxy S5


Just a few months ago, when Samsung launched their flagship device: the Samsung Galaxy S5, I quickly rushed to get one thereby being one of the first Nigerians to own the device. The reason I love Samsung so much or let me say Android devices in general hinges on the fact that; unlike other OS available today, Android gives its users a very loose liberty to customize the OS to your taste and tailor to your ever changing needs. Well, despite this liberty, there is a clause – they say Freedom is free but it surely comes at a price. Customizing or rooting of devices in Android has been known to disable many devices permanently.
Losing a device is not always easy – people have been known to establish a personal connection with their mobile devices. Like I said, I lost my Samsung phone and I almost went south. So, what happens when you lose a very dear gadget like I did? All gone? Maybe not. There are a few things you can do that will get you back the phone or render it completely useless to the fellow who decided to make your phone his.
Over the years, Google has come up with new stuff in the Android OS but one lacking feature is the security of the devices. I sincerely envy Apple devices – it is very difficult if not almost impossible to open a phone locked by the owner. As I said earlier, the Android OS is very flexible when it comes to customization. Samsung mobile have added this new cool feature that I surprisingly failed to apply in my last S5 device; Find my Mobile, then Reactivation Lock
The Find my mobile is an anti-theft feature added in recent devices from Samsung. Google has also come up with its own anti-theft feature called: Google Android Manager which allows you to track the location of your phone, lock the device and erase. On the other hand, Samsung’s Find my Mobile is more sophisticated. It lets you track the mobile device, you can also see the call log, the SMS sent, ability to Ring the Device which could help if you detect the device is missing immediately and you are sure it will still be in the area – the phone rings out even if it was put on silent; ability to wipe the device remotely, and unlock your screen as well.
First step is to get an account here from Samsung or simply log in with your existing Samsung Account which is tied to your device.

IMG_16092014_124612 Once logged in, you can see the devices under your registered Samsung account. For someone like me, I have loads of devices under the account so you can see which is currently online. Select which device you wish to track. However, we are down to the sad part – the inherent flaw in this from Samsung and Google. IMG_16092014_124622I have three Samsung Galaxy S5 devices to my account and I can only see one online! One was stolen while the second one was replaced by Samsung courtesy of Accidental Damage Handling warranty which became popular with the now cheaper Samsung S4 phone. Now, even if the device is properly registered with Find my Mobile, the phone can still be used by another person. How? All that needs to be done is to reset the phone and enter a new Gmail account different from the one before and your phone is gone! What is the use of the lock then? Then I discovered a Samsung phone security feature which I mentioned earlier: IMG_16092014_124633

The reactivation lock is decent feature to me: it allows me to lock my phone using my Samsung account so in a case of theft or one misplacing a Samsung device, another sim card will not work unless the Samsung Account is successfully logged into. Basically, without your permission, no one can use your device with another sim card – If they choose to in a case of where it was stolen and the person has no way of knowing the login details to your Samsung Account then it is useless to the person. I hope this helps someone. If you have any other thing to add, send me an email. As it has always been, Samsung has been my #1 Android device. Despite the huge prices in physical markets, you can get very affordable mobile phones from online shopping sites like Kaymu, Jumia and so on.


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