Sport Rio Ferdinand Plans To Retire At End Of Season

Rio Ferdinand Plans To Retire At End Of Season


QPR’s Rio Ferdinand has revealed he might retire at the season’s end.

Ferdinand, 35, admitted that his body may not be able to handle the rigor of the modern game.

“I probably think the end of this season,” Ferdinand told The Jonathan Ross Show when asked about retirement.

“I’m not fearful of retirement, I’m looking forward to it, I can see some good stuff hopefully happening ahead.

“You get to a time where you start understanding your body and the strains playing football (is) putting your body through, going out and training every day.”

“I will stay in football I’m sure in some capacity. I’ve signed to BT and stuff and I’ve done stuff with the BBC at the World Cup which I really enjoyed and it’s something I’m sure I will take up and do a bit more (of).

“I’m doing my (coaching) badges as well and there are other bits and pieces outside of football.”


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