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Richest Harare Prostitute Who Used ‘Water from Human Corpses’ to Lure Customers Exposed After Getting Into Trouble


Three prostitutes were yesterday arrested and fined after they clashed with a 24-year-old self-confessed s*x worker accusing her of using juju to lure their clients.

The women only identified as Philomina, Elizabeth and Pretty, the three were dragged to Harare central police station after Belinda Precious Kufa popularly known as Anesu – said to be the richest prostitute in Harare – lodged a report against them after they threatened to hire thugs to attack her. The three were released after paying $20 fine each.

According to H-metro, one of the women revealed how the top prostitute used water from dead bodies to attract customers.

“Anesu made a deal with one funeral parlour and got water used to clean a dead body and she splashes it daily by the flat to lure our clients. As it stands she has been making a lot of money for the past three weeks,” said Philomina.

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“We confronted her over the issue and discovered that she keep a clay pot with charms under her bed. We never threatened to hire thugs as alleged, tingamutsvagire ani isu tingamutadze kumurwisa dai taida izvozvo.”

”It’s only that the police officer she called is one of her clients and she brags that all the ladies here will be arrested if anyone raises a complaint against her. Anesu is now broke, she bragged that she owns a fleet of cars and two houses in Harare and Bindura but the truth is she now owns one Toyota Vitz and the other vehicles she used to drive were from a car sales where one of her clients works.

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“She recovered the vehicle last Friday after it was taken over debts. She visited her sangoma (herbalist) and from that visit she is luring all our potential clients,”

She said vowing to take legal action to evict Anesu from Gail court along Samora Machel Avenue.



  1. Jesus! I thought that water was only used by wicked food sellers. This is serious. All those men that can’t sitdown one place, be careful ohhhhh

  2. The customers will be like, “oh God how do I cut off this thing that i have used to explore water from corpse”. My brother no new one for you if you cut it off.

  3. See what young ladies are putting dem self’s into, instead of to hustle and be an entrepreneur they are busy engaging dem self’s in retualist, I pray God change dem for good

  4. Before Nkor, which prostitut they use ordinary hand dey work, no be new thing na, becux say all this one own lick…….

  5. WHO U WAY POST AM HOW DID U KNOW ABI U DON…… God HV mercy on our guys dos DAT HV tested it n dos planning to. Typing

  6. Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahahahahhahahahaha i pity womanizers . Still laughing hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahahahahhahahahaha


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