Editorials READER’s MAIL :- “Pls Help, I’m In Love With My Step Son”

READER’s MAIL :- “Pls Help, I’m In Love With My Step Son”


Dear Readers,

I’m 32yr old, I have been married for 12 years in . I got married at 20 and looking back now I think it was a mistake. My husband was 35 when I got married (he is now 47) and I think the main reason I got married was that I was just young and flattered by all the attention I was getting from a much older man and the fact that he was willing to leave his wife for me, which just made him seem all the more exciting and attractive.

When we got married my husband had a 9 year old son, Daniel, (who is now 21) from his previous marriage. I was never really a mother figure to him, because the age gap was too close. I didn’t really have an important role in his life, because I moved toLagos for my work for 5 years when he was 16, so I never saw much of him.

I returned from Lagos 2 years ago and after not seeing Daniel for ages, he was almost like a different person. A year ago he told me that he was in love with me and made the first move. I tried to ignore his advances.
… but after a while I realised I felt the same. I don’t really love my husband anymore, because I know he cheated on me a lot while I was away and the only reason we have stayed together is because of our 10 year old son.

My relationship with Daniel has been getting more and more intense and I’m at the point where I don’t want to be with my husband anymore, am madly in love with Danie.what do i do?
Please help?



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