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Question of the Day: My Boyfriend and I Have So Many Clothes in Common, now we have broken up. What should i do with them?


My boyfriend and I dated for about two years and most people admired our relationship because we were always together, we had so many things in common.

We were these kind of couple that always made customized T-Shirts with our names inscribed on them

We also attended so many functions together where we get to sew the same aso ebi.

Things went bad along the line and we broke up.

Now, I have so many clothes we both made together and I am confused on what to do to them because whenever I see them I get hurt the more.


  1. Nyc ans by Ivy….give em to Charity.. Moral lesson..never customize clothes wt ur bfs..nd don’t date someone u hav d same frnds wt..

  2. Go to an orphanage far from were you live and give it all to them. So you don’t see them again.

  3. If I may ask,what is the cause of the break up? If its lame or stupid…I see no reason why you guys shudnt work tinz out and get back together coz I see u guys had beta plans……If its worth breaking up.Uuuuuhhhmmm,gv them to his namesake who are your fwends!


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