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President Buhari Writes Man Who Sent Him a Card, Flowers on His Medical Leave in London (Photos)


President Buhari Writes Man Who Sent Him a Card, Flowers on His Medical Leave in London (Photos)The Nigerian well-wisher, Akinjide Ajisafe, who dropped a goodwill card and flower for President Muhammadu Buhari in February, when he was in London on medical vacation received a thank you letter on Monday.


Buhari sent the letter through the Nigerian High Commission, London, signed by a special assistant at the Presidency, Abuja, Mr. Sabiu Yusuf.

It was delivered by the Administrative Officer at the high commission, Mr. Raphael Orisamakin to Ajisafe.

President Buhari Writes Man Who Sent Him a Card, Flowers on His Medical Leave in London (Photos)The letter reads thus: “I write on the directive of his Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari to acknowledge with thanks the receipts of your goodwill message sent to him while on medical vacation in London.


Mr. President sincerely appreciates your concern and support and especially your good wishes and prayers for his quick recovery. I am pleased to inform you that Mr. President arrived Nigeria safely and has resumed office to continue his duties and stands resolute in the pursuit of rebuilding Nigeria.

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While Mr. President continues to count on the support and the prayers of well-meaning Nigerians in Diaspora like you, please accept the assurances of his Excellency’s warm personal regards.”

President Buhari Writes Man Who Sent Him a Card, Flowers on His Medical Leave in London (Photos)Ajisafe had previously wished the president to get well quick.


He wrote: “May the prayers and blessings of good health I am sending with these flowers make you stronger and healthy. “Mr. President, I am sure if you have looked outside, right in London, the sun of Allah is shining and he is telling you to get well.

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Many are so eager to have you back, especially in terms of the stability of the country. I hope this little card and flower help a little to know how lovingly you are thought of by many of us in UK. “May Allah continue to guide, bless and direct you to the right path.”

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  1. Na him family member, beside I no support the motion wey say make him die… I only support say make him resign… Since he was born nothing good has come out of his govt start from his first military regime… He’s just a… Ok… He’s just there! Let him go home and rest period!!!

  2. U know see as his head dey like whistle blower , y wunt he he appreciate him while him and his family don’t know wat we are passing through here

  3. Don’t be a potential for the rest of you Join oriflame and change ur story for the best 07039661182

  4. I hope sey for d letter u tell am sey make em come comot us for this hell wey we dey so…u dey UK nah u no know as e dey hot for naija.. Anuofia!

  5. Don’t mind that guy that brought that flowers, he thought that buhari is dead so he sent the flower so that they can keep it on buhari’s grave.

  6. I was expecting to hear “who returned the kind gesture with a million dollars ” at the end of that heading.

  7. Na soo everybody gets fan,after all one man’s meat is another man’s poison, no mind them my man Bubu

  8. Can a dead man show appreciation make una dey there dey lie una hear, I don’t have time for fallacy

  9. Nigerians had the absolute right to cuss him out. Don’t be trying to make them feel bad. This one na UK-based naija man. The pains of naija-based naija man, he don’t feel

  10. that’s the point he need rest seriously rest ni ooo wen he rest like 3 years maybe he go day OK then…..lolzzz

  11. Hmmm so sweet, pls nigeria make una come make we all go nd buy flowers and card for our president… Rubbish who that one epp, what will it change for us and our country. Let him make our country beta then if flowers and cards nah him problem, he will surely get load of it as an appreciation from us.

  12. Hmmmm he is the president so what ll u do? Notting ba?anyone that don’t like him go an die pls. Or no una wan kilam ne stupid people always saying rubbish about the president


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