News Pres. Buhari shares photo from his UK vacation… See The Reply He...

Pres. Buhari shares photo from his UK vacation… See The Reply He Got..


The President is currently on holiday in the UK.

In other to show he was been kept abreast of development in the country, he shared the above photo and captioned it

“Wherever I am, I keep up with news from home. Channels TV is one of my favorites. I’m proud of what the Nigerian media are achieving.”.

Well, see this reply he got from a twitter user with the handle @yincar.

“And one of your mumu aides said it’s only cartoon series you like watching”


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  1. Lol… Buhari don suffer from the mouths of nigerians.. But him listening to nigeria news wont still make some nigerians who dont like him to like him… Who cares

  2. LMAO… And So? Wetin con concern us. Wait, he won show say he dey know everything wey dey happen 4 naija 2ru news? Haba

  3. Am sure, all in his mind is how his country ll be better place…. Any1 who say u won’t return ll be died before you return

    • Any1 against d return of PMB ll die before he returns… Go n coordinates your home first before you nail a whole president… Pray d head of your house die…. PMB is a head of a family too. Pray for him not nail him… If his not doing fine come out n contest against him n let’s see wat u ll do…. #Ur fada, Coward n fools

    • Na wa pple wit fish brains very soon una go buy cup of carry 1500 by den una go knw say d country don finish how many president una hear say Dem dey go 4 sick leave up nd down tink b4 u type oooo

    • Is dieing d solution? If u wish your husby or father died that’s when u ll tink of him died too… More grace PMB let d will of God be done… Our sin self is one of d tin cursing dis…. God have mercy

    • My English no straight for your mouth, straight am now… Your mouth like abortion worm.

    • See ur face Emma u go know say dem been wan abort u cos dey see am say u go end up useless, but ur stubbornness na still bring u come dis world, to fulfill ur uselessness, oloshi.

    • I no say u be iyalaya werey…. Everything wey gud for ya body u don bleach am… Use she dog… If u na don tired for naija relocate now… Bitch with smelling pussy…. If u av a guy like me as bro or friend u live don better… Ashawo @Amanda

    • Everyone that abused here kneel down raise ur hands up and say God forgive me for abusing ur creation!! Do it now before d wrath of God fall on ya all

  4. See how im dey flex sef!!..*Baba some Nigerians no even get light watch News and you come dey loud am say you dey watch News!!…..Who your NEWS WATCHING epp for dis RECESSION?

  5. Baba is flexing. Lol. No matter the recession man must rest. He won’t kill himself na. Just hope he relaxes his brain towards good sense to affect us positively

  6. Baba no send anybody oo.Baba dey rock life.You know how many times wey baba don contest election wey him fail?Na him time to flex tight be this but make e no do mistake say him wan take leg waka anywhere outside Abuja oo bcos the kain beat wet den go beat am ehn if e no die,walahi e no go fit die again…

    • But will his death be different from every other death in the country? His administration is full of death so its no big deal though i dont wish him dead personally but this death thing is highly overated. He has to be alive to finish what he started

    • Wat difference does it make? He’s alive buh dead to Nigerians cos there’s no positive impact.

  7. Fuck u and ur constituted Authority…A man that dont obey court order is a dictatorship and deserves no respect…Wht mkes u a leader? Admin ur an Imbecile

    • You are yet to see a dictator. When you see a dictator, you won’t have the heart to write because your worry would be peace of mind.

    • I thought we should deal in more of diplomacy instead of Anarchy…Its obvious Hausa fulanis re just cowards that is why we cant be one …..Am a biafran and that i must be forever….

    • This guy wright from his Biafra home……i laugh those who insult our leaders. Am pretty sure u are worst of a human being among ur pears

  8. Baba carry go your enemies will never see your back… You are doing your best but the senseless ones will never understand…NA TODAY NAIJA DONE SPOIL.. Baba is not a magician oo.. WHAT NIGERIAN NEED IS GOD INTERVENTION!!!

  9. Nah plain crash go kill yhu irriot…..despite everything going on here in yha country, yhu get mind put leg on top table da watch TV comfortably,…. ….I don’t even see wat he is still living for, Abeg buhari , die ooo

    • What if he is your father? We all should learn how to talk, moreover he doesn’t even know you quit giving yourself headache and look for something better to do with your life

    • father can’t be dat selfish, ,I really tink yhu shud stop interfering on mah comment ,and do somtin wit yha tym……yhu mustn’t force me to notice yhu,,,,,buhari is a useless man and there’s notin you can do about it….shift jare make I see beta pple Sholar Funmi

    • How did he finish Nigeria? Let us keep praying for d growth of dis day things will surely work well. God bless Nigeria.

    • How did he finish Nigeria? Let us keep praying for d growth of dis day things will surely work well. God bless Nigeria.

  10. They still followed him to his living room? Abeg make una leave this man to rest biko, am sure he is making plans on how to change our economy

  11. Their father and their authority. Who they don help.? He’s chilling here with light whereas his country has no stable or even unstable electricity. He should be ashamed..

  12. D only tin way y sabi for ur life nah to d enter anoda ppls country…from one country to d oda

  13. Maybe when Buhari fulfill his promise and make Nigeria a better place… All your negative words for him will be Yours.

    • Only a Miracle can make Nigeria a better place in 1 or 2 years. Sometimes when people talk, i always think maybe they just came to Nigeria in this Buhari regime. If you have been in Nigeria for so long, you will understand that what is happening in Nigeria is not the present President is at fault. Truly we haven’t see the good part of Buhari’s governance but surely we will all see at the end. No one can fix Nigeria in a jiffy, it will take some time. Prayer and Support is all they Need. *I Hope Nigeria Be A Better Place Someday*

    • Likewise we haven’t seen situations as worst as this if they have to post a picture not with this kind of posture moreover let’s promote our economy by using Nigeria product obudu cattle ranch is a place to relax and many others as for me I haven’t seen any examples of a leader in him so far am so sorry

    • lol… Amanda Carrie and Blessing Freedom take it or leave it, You can’t make Nigeria a better place in 2yrs. where are you going start from.. you think na only food be our problem??? Most of Nigerians lack patience, we always complain about every government in power. we just keep criticising and yet nothing happen… Instead of praying for to God to lead our leader.

  14. Plz name other president dat is alway on leave non sense many of u dat are talkin i’m sure ur parent are still feeding yhu so u dn’t knw how hard d country his grow up nd see if u can survive

  15. If you want to be president prepare or tell your father to contest in 2019 rather than wishing someone’s father dead. Deziani and Kuku that finished all your money are in enjoying in USA and UK you didn’t see that .

  16. He is only human, not a magician. Am not expecting miracle. Everything is gradual process. We weren’t born big.

  17. Lol… See this man, we suffering here and dz old man is in london enjoying life over there… This people don’t care abt us and that is the truth

  18. They are going to UK America and other countries…. If those leaders are also bullshiters like them where will they go….. Just watch… This 2017 they will all die in Jesus name

  19. Mr President, it’s good u share this picture with Nigerians because people who do not wish you well are just carrying fake rumors, Pls sir just take ur time n enjoy your vacation. We got your back till 2023

  20. Nigerians pray n stop raining causes. Causing the head of a house is like destroying the foundation of the house and once the foundation is destroyed the house can not stand. If we continue to rain causes on the president the foundation of Nigeria will continue to be affected n one day it will collapse. Remember we are all in this house”NIGERIA” once it collapse it will affect everyone. #Stop_the_Causes #NIGERIANS_PRAY HAS WE PRAY GOD DIVINELY INTERVENTION. IJN. AMEN

    • If the head die dy house no go fall anoda leader go show na shu na em b first president be as yaraudua die naija fall

  21. Look at him crossing his legs, he is supposed to be relaxed yet he will come back to Nigeria confused as ever!!

  22. With the insult baba don die finish ooo. Baba ur sickness no dey finish self, everyday travel, ur office dey for sky? answer ooooooo

  23. Gushite… Haterz gonna hate more while lover gonna love more….Nigerian should leave oga presido alone… He has done his best and recession still continues…. I see no reasons while he should be blamed….This is the right time to enjoy his life(flexin over there in UK)is no body’s business….. Nevertheless his time will surely come to an end very very soon because he is not living up to expectations of Nigerians..

  24. Olaleyeh Emmanuel Olagunju im so amaze at the level of ur immaturity nd ignorance. Anybody can wish anybody anything in as much they’re nt referring to u , u can jst shut up. Is buhari ur father or u are nw into politics. U cursing sum1 on behalf of Buhari doesn’t mk u a better person. Stop displaying ur empty brain on social media

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  26. It’s only in Nigeria u see one man rule a whole country 3month without minister’s wot a shame… & we Nigerian expect change, 4get it Nigerian is gonna see change till D 2nd coming of JESUS….

  27. Make 200% of your investment…10,000 referral bonus if you register 2 people under you.

  28. Let’s pray dat god will deliver our land frm dat wicked man called buhari… Let him sit down ad watch anything he wants while we also sit ad watch his death too… useless man,head like stock fish.. (Azu mamgala)..

  29. Some of our Nigeria pple dosen’t av sence at all …..upon all dis problem of hardship u guys are still dere telling baba to keep on rock in …….u beta use ur sences …..traveling …traveling is it d way of ruling a country ??

  30. See u @Gabreil ur people dey don die finish under hunger and u open dis ur mouth said dat dis stock fish of president is traying dont worry i gave u how many months u wil shout like others maybe d newly renew ur Ak47 gun, but wait soon is ur turn to go to sambessa forest dat is whn u wil knw if dis ur baba way go carry go, Or dat time him go carry come hahaha

  31. Same jist wen yaradua,was with the ancestors three months before e joined the real ancestors for Nigeria,eye wen dey cry dey see o,power drunk leaders, Abacha,story on my mind

  32. See hw he is enjoying UK stable light. Is he nt ashamed? U call ur self a president and ur office dey fr sky


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