News Pres. Buhari Sacks Permanent Secretary For Awarding Contracts Worth Billions Of Naira...

Pres. Buhari Sacks Permanent Secretary For Awarding Contracts Worth Billions Of Naira To Himself

Buhari Sacks Permanent Secretary For Awarding ContractsPresident Muhammadu Buhari has sacked a Permanent Secretary, who has been using his office to defraud the Federal Government by awarding contracts worth billions of Naira to himself through the award of phantom contracts.The yet to be identified secretary, who was appointed by Buhari in 2015, was dismissed on Tuesday, on the orders of the President.
He was driven out of the Federal Secretariat in Abuja by two police officers following his dismissal.
A Presidency source confirmed that the President ordered the immediate removal of the top civil servant, who presided over the affairs of one of the strategic ministries handling intervention programmes in the country following evidence that he awarded contracts to companies belonging to him.
It was learned that the illicit activities of permanent secretary were exposed by key officials of the ministry to security agencies for investigations.
One of the security agency officials,  who spoke to Vanguard confirmed the Permanent secretary dismissal saying:

“We have been monitoring the man and the various companies being used by him to siphon huge sums of money from the ministry, which handles intervention programmes in the Niger Delta region but he has been very smart and suspicious of our movement, thereby making it impossible for us to arrest him despite the ambush we laid for him and his cronies.

He said:

‘But Mr. President did not waste time in asking the Head of Service of the Federation to sack the man with immediate effect as soon as he got to know that the man had used over 500 companies to award fake contracts to himself and move huge sums of money from the ministry in question.”

‘In fact, the discovery of the large-scale fraud in the ministry, which has suffered a lot of project failure and the subsequent sacking of the permanent secretary by Mr. President, followed a painstaking investigation by the anti-corruption agencies, which will soon charge the man to court,’ the source added.

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  1. No nonsense man… At list if u cant pull anyone out without consent from d senate… In your locality no one mess with you I hope he landed in jail…. # respect

  2. Please is lie Mohammad on vacation? Me never hear his lie for months now… #bringBackLieMohamed

    • Don’t mind them. Maybe they want him to do what’s unlawful that’s why they sack him. In buharis government u can’t do such thing get sacked without arresting you. Never. There’s something they are not telling us

  3. presido mean business now oo but how far that custom man wey no gree wear uniform?? wont u sack him??

    • Please talk with sense. The controller general of custom is a military man. How can he wear another uniform? Secondly, is it the uniform that matters or his service? The controller general of custom during Jonathan’s regime only remitted 2 billion dollars to the FG for more than 3 or 4 years of serving with uniform. This present controller general has remitted 926 billion dollars in 256 days in work without uniform

    • Anas El-zubair ka maida kankali fa bcus i didn’t invite or as u to reply,when have u bcom presido that i was asking??

    • El Zubair, You’re just everywhere on this post attacking people verbally on their comments simply because you are standing for President Buhari, you are just been bitter on what does not promote your life because I can see that you are looking hungry so to speak! Everyone is entitled to his/ her own opinion if you must know, so speak like a gentleman pls! Or mind your own bizness.

    • As old as you are? See what you are saying? Name one hausa fulani who has committed crime without PMB probing him?

  4. Story for d god’s So such pple in Jonathan’s government are in his government too? Then why blame Jonathan when he buhari has employ thief’s round him?

    • Finally you are a fool. As old as you are, u don’t have sense. Well maturity is not by age. Now let me explain to you. There is no way the people in your cabinet can be corrupt free. But what matters is that, when a corrupt person is found guilty of illegal work or contract, you sack him and send him to jail. Simple.. That’s what Jonathan does not do. So everyone in his cabinet loot FG funds with confidence and go free. Hop you understand now? Idioto 😂😂

    • Ur an idiot. Buhari it self is guilty. He has no certificate. Money that disappear when he was PTF chief has he accounted for it? Fela sing with it encase u wish to learn. How much did they use in buying grass for cow? How much did buhari government spend in clearing IDP Camp? D pple that diverted trailers of rice for IDP’s have they been sacked and sent to prison? D Fulani herdsmen that have been taken life’s and destroying properties has anyone been arrested? But pple of ile ife that retaliates for killing of their love ones are in custody of buhari . D China deal buhari lied to Nigerians and west our Niger delta oil money how far? Shame to u northerners that are blind by buharis government

    • Kingsley Etoka just accept the truth, you’re too old to be this stupid. Jonathan didn’t take any action to curb the menace but Buhari is taking the necessary actions so stop your unecessary bigotry and hatred #peace

    • Again, u are a big fool Kingsley Etoka. I checked your background and found out that nobody has been successful in your family because of lack of knowledge/illiteracy. Look at you at your dp, you look like an agbero. I can see from your post that you didn’t graduate from primary school. You said, “even buhari itself is guilty” point of correction, it is himself not itself. Now let me address your irrational claims. Firstly, before buhari came into power, he declared his assets and challenged anyone to probe him if he has ever stolen public funds. Where were you? Idioto Secondly, talking about certificate. You can’t compare the quality of education of their age and now. Then, there are certain credits needed so you can’t stop them because of their result because they have franchise, they are citizen of Nigeria. but now our education has advanced, we have a level of credits to attain before we are qualified to work with FG. Who knows in the future whether our own children or grand children will laugh at our results just the way we are laughing at our parents own? Even my father I saw his result it wasn’t too good compared to our modern age. But back then during their time it’s a good result. Talking about fella’s song. You can’t judge someone by what you hear people say about him, what you should concentrate on is evidence. The same fella that told you buhari stole, did he give you evidence? So what you are saying is that when you hear something bad about someone it’s true. Look, no matter how good you are people will criticise you and accuse you wrongly. But the most important thing is that when someone accuse you of corruption, he should provide evidence otherwise its a blackmail. Talking about oil money been wasted, what did you ask Allison maduake the former minister of petroleum under Jonathan?

    • Lolz. Fool. Is Fulani’s Nigerian’s? Plz tell us how they found them self’s in Nigeria. I believe ur late father briefed u a little before he abandoned ur mum to 8years girl

    • Hahaha. Now I know ure talking out of sense. I told your mother when she was pregnant with you that a goat like you will be a disaster and abortion is the only option now look at the outcome.

  5. This is just bragging on the part of the President as far as l am concerned. Until all those that stole are prosecuted, l refuse to acknowledge the President’s sincerity in fighting corruption.

  6. You dey under Fulani man wey na president and yet you no fear,,you still the do shady deals,,which herbalist deceive you….that you think will be more dat of a Fulani man,,Lolzz your cup don full


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