Editorials Pregnant lady who has had several abortions for her boss needs your...

Pregnant lady who has had several abortions for her boss needs your advice


A lady who has had several abortions for her boss just because he gave her a promotion at work, says she is currently pregnant again with his child and is afraid to have another abortion.

She wrote in to relationship blog BOM to seek readers’ advice. What do you think she should do in this case?

Read what she sent in after the cut..

I am pregnant for my boss in the office and it is killing me slowly. I have been aborting and aborting but this time am scared for my life. This man gave me common promotion and since then he has been abusing me. He sxx me everywhere in the office ,use me any how he likes and he never gives me money . If I ask for money,he will say I should wait for salary. This man has never had sxx with me in a hotel or a decent place,only in hopeless places ,his car,office rest rooms,back yard,odd places . After sxx he will ask me to go clean myself up. He refuse me to keep a boyfriend. Please I need advise,should I keep this baby or take my chances and take it off.

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  1. Keep the baby for christ sake the baby is human dont you have a heart please keep the baby and stop getting pregnant for him

  2. #keepdebaby,4rm de initial abortion z a murder,she cn also lost her life in de process it may be her last time bt God allowed u 2 do al de evils u cn bt only 1day z 4 me,so pls let her keep de #BABY

  3. When you were aborting the other ones you might not be in your right senses, maybe the holy spirit has decends on you and you have a second thought. Don’t abort this very one because you and I can never tell what will happen next. #JustKeepIt

  4. Sister what kind of story is this na Isn’t it obvious, even a kid will see the handwriting on the wall You have killed enough, repent and stop the killings, jeez! Innocent bloods. Tell your boss you quit the relationship, you are keeping this baby and move on with your life. Your destiny is not tied in the hands of your boss. Infact don’t think twice do it now!!!!

  5. Your boss, his married for you dating her you re a fool.. Their re single guys calling u just because of money his giving u, u ignore your future husband again u re fool.. U got pregnant for him he gave u money to abort it, u av kill innocent blood n again u av no sense… Now ans me, is your future tied in your boss hand? D guy that ll eventually marry u ll think everything about u in great not knowing u re empty barrel…. Someone say u suld give your life to Christ go ahead but God don’t amend or block stinking n wide pussy

    • consultant joy were u consulted before the first, the second and probably the third and so on, why now, doesn’t she hv a common sense abeg ppl without sense like you needs to hear nonsense ok

  6. i hate to see or hear my fellow girl misbehave,babe why,he give u 1,2,3,4,5 more dan that an who knws hw many times u have killed those children an u keep on opening yur legs for him,why cant u give him dirth slap wen ever he comes,u just allow him to ruin yur life, haba baby girl is unfair,the way he useless yur life dat is hw his fellow men will useless his own children more dan he did to u,guite dat porverty job an build yur life to a better furture an stop misbehaving are u a kid,nw fine wat u will do okay,it pains me alot.

  7. BE WISE, KEEP THE BABY, IT MIGHT JUST BE YOUR LAST, To what benefit is it to remove all the baby in your womb? PLS THERE IS NO FUN IN ABORTION, TELL YOUR BOSS YOU CAN’T DO IT, OR BETTER STILL LOOK FOR MEANS TO Get some cash from him to take care of yourself and your unborn child. SOMEDAY WILL NEED WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO DISPOSE. Don’t be a problem to yourself and to your future husband. That your boss is a devil, and you are his puppet. Pls stop hurtin yourself, you are puttin your life in serious danger, death is not to far from abortion. Girlfriend you have had so many abortions for a man whom you are not even sure will marry you, everyday its not a christmas. Pls for your own good kindly keep the baby, if you value your life and that of the baby. NO WOMAN IS COMPLETE WITH A CHILD IN HER LIFE. You are displeasin yourself for a man who does not care about your health and life safety.

  8. First of all, no one is without mistake(s). I will not judge you in anyway but I will just advice you leave that job and give birth to the baby.

  9. Idiot…. Continue aborting until u remove ur Intestine or kidney tinking it’s a baby…. Fool

  10. So when u finish all ur children wit abortion,u go come carry ur problem go end up with one innocent man abi so that una go come de Waka form church to church,make I tell u now u better know come my church oh.

  11. Some people just act like they don’t have Independent minds. This story would have made sense to me if she included that the man uses jazz on her, to hypnotize her, and that is when I will now say ah! no wonder, her sense of discretion is being chained by a spiritual power…. My sister, with your explanation, I don’t know if I’ll say you don’t value yourself. Firstly, he doesn’t give you any money apart from your salary. Secondly, you’ve been having multiple abortions for this man. It throws me into a state of bewilderment to think whether you lack Common sense (no offenses) which is the fundamental sense any educated person like you should have. My sister, move away from there, that your company is not adding meaning to your life; because it’s very clear that job is not giving you happiness. FEAR NO MAN!

  12. Keep d baby it might be d last so wise up. quite the job and focus on ur future d man can never ever marry you so stop wasting ur Time and body

  13. Na wa oo. Aunty please just for the future is etheir place yourself on a good family planning or your use after sex pill.

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  15. Una get mouth ooooo…. Mk d babe no go jump inside lagoon, I have no words for you since they say no insult…….ur type no get part two…. U fucked up big time

  16. He cannot eat his cake n have it. His family shud b aware of what is going on. Am not saying he shud marry u bt since abortion is out of d question, he shud b tasked with d responsibility if taking care of u n ur baby.

  17. Pls u don’t nid 2 abort d baby,bcuz das ur gain.nd i promise u dat wth dat baby u can bcom ur boss boss.maybe his afraiding of his wife but d moment u save d life of d innocent baby his entitled 2 his property. Is d baby dat w end ur sufferness 4 u


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