Weird and Strange Pregnant Baby Girl Born In Saudi Arabia

Pregnant Baby Girl Born In Saudi Arabia


Saudi doctors checking a one-month-old girl were shocked to find that she was pregnant, prompting them to perform an urgent surgery to remove the dead fetus out of her abdomen, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The pregnant baby was born in a Caesarian section to a Saudi woman and she started to suffer from constipation and vomiting nearly a month later. Doctors described it as one of the rarest cases in the world.

“We noticed there was a swelling on her belly….tests showed she had a sac, which contained a fetus…we performed a three-hour operation to remove the fetus, which weighed around 460 gm and was 12 cm long,” said Dr Saleh al Nassar, pediatrics consultant at King Faisal Hospital in Riyadh.



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