Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Pray For Me to Have Children- Actress Funke Akindele Begs Fans

Pray For Me to Have Children- Actress Funke Akindele Begs Fans



Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele who is now married to Nigerian rapper, JJC Skillz born Abdul Rasheed Bello took to Facebook to beg her fans to pray for her.

Funke who is seriously looking for a baby wrote,


“You all know I, Funke Akindele Jenifa has been married for a while now without any issue.

“Some have even laughed at me, insulted me, judged me without knowing the pains I go through. I put up every effort in entertaining my fans and Nigerians at large, I made you laugh and some would even say I’ve inspired them in one way or the other.

“Now I’m in another man’s house.

“Pls always put me in your prayers. I pray this year 2016 will not pass me by. I will not only give birth, but I will give birth safe and sound. As you write AMEN to this prayer, may God answer all your hidden prayers.

“Pls why not write Amen?

“Why not share this posts for others to say amen?

“Your AMEN is so powerful. Type Amen on my behalf.

“Even when I’m not happy, I still put up a smile face. Just for you my lovers, my fans. I love you all.”

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  1. No matter wt u hv done in d past,God has forgiving u & u shall bear children,every achient, past,& present spell

  2. It’s well my sister your destiny in the hands of God Almighty. No barrenness in the land. You will lap your children ijn

  3. You first pregnancy will be twins… God bless your new home with lovely kids and happy ever my number one actress…I love you Mrs Bello

  4. Take it to the Lord in prayer and the Lord will grant your heart desires. He said none shall be without a child. You are not barren.

  5. May ya Allah give u pregnant which will become baby and not ordinary baby gud one who will stay with u forever.

  6. You are going to have children many as you like our lord Jesus Christ will give you as many as you asked him in Jesus name I pray Amen

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  8. May God bless you with your own children and may u give birth to them safe and sound in Jesus name Amen

  9. My dear,we can only say let God give you children but you and you alone has the power to pray for yourself and ask God with deep sincerity.So,go on your knees beg God make a promise with him and he shal see you through bcus his word say “there shal be no bariness”

  10. You are bless,because you have blessed people with ur charming character displayed on TV,both English and Yoruba movie,you have put smiles to the faces of the bereaved,surely God of Orimolade will grant your wish, and bless u with loving children you shall not be barren,Amen.

  11. God will surprise you this month, people will come to celebrate you, you will cook for people this year. God that answer Hannah’s prayer, Sarah’s prayer will hear your prayer today.

  12. Actually Weda u v kids or nt is in God’s hand… It’s kinda too early to v cold feet, I mean u just got married… Faith ND trust in God is all u need….. Pray ur way out dear.

  13. God is the giver, He will bless u with the kids at his own time. Just keep on Trusting in him while your patient. I know it’s not easy sometimes but just don’t give up on praying.

  14. If your looking for love, marriage , kinds. It is possible with senior apostle Michael. I assure you your fantasies will become a reality. Call 08148395930

  15. U hve to hve faith in God we human don’t give children God does so u hve to wait 4 God’s time , 4 God’s time iz d best . And be prayerful

  16. The word of God says dat,there shall not be barren,our children shall surround our table nd dat we shall see our children’s children,as long as ụ ar a child of God,hold HIM by HIS word nd it shall surely come 2 pass in ur life.

  17. You are a woman Funke, born by woman, U are not born barren, U shall give birth to ur own children by God grace . Bliv in ur creator.

  18. Receive children in jesus name amen there shall not be barren according to the word of God just put your trust in God

  19. God of Elijah has done it already.that you funke shall eat and rejoice with your children cus the lord of host has ordained it that it might come to pass.

  20. He said. Ask of me and I will give you all you ask fome. Psalms 2 vs 8 . my sister just be good to every one

  21. Almighty God will bless you with Triplet soonest IJN Amen just put ur trust in HIM and be sing praises all time

  22. God blessed marriage & pronounced fruitfulnes upon it. Your case will not be different, you will be blessed with children of your own by God’s grace.

  23. As your mother have birth to you, so shall you give birth to your own children. In Jesus name.AMEN

  24. May almighty Allah give you what you ask for , o wo ola ninu osu hajji ti a wa yi ni agbara olorun ko to di next hajji you will say wal-hamduli-liaah

  25. of course U HV EVERY POWER TO V CHILDREN BCS U R CHRIST LIKE. Just hook up wit a husband not men Nd don’t forget to b prayerful as well.love you.just finished watch jenifas diary season 3 Nd 4.I really enjoyed it.love ya

  26. God will remember you soon,hold on to him and keep to his word he will surely answer ur prayers speedy ijn

  27. I pray God grants you , your desires and would want you call this line 08035016222 for more private discussions.

  28. Your womb is blessed already, remember wat the bible says? For your shame I will give you double, that is to say u ‘re not just goin to give birth to one but 2 n mayb 3. Congratulations in advance.

  29. U will have as many children as u want, b/c God has promise us dat dere wil be no barren in our land dat we should go and be friutful and muiltiple b/c our God is not a man dat he will liar!

  30. God Will make it for every woman that want the fruit of the womb. Call onto Him and HE SHALL ANSWER.

  31. U are blessed ur heart desire we come to pass this year I say pray so shall it be in Jesus name amen.

  32. God will surely ans ur prayers just have faith in him very soon u will rejoice wif ur husband

  33. God of moses Orimolade will come to your aid Cox he did it for Sarah.he meets,[email protected] shilloh, ur case is similar to dat of dorcas,dorcas use ti assist pple alot even when she died all d widow soround her and cry and immediately God peter there when he got there he drove dem out and call God immedly she woke up So i don’t want to know what ur problem is da lord will visit u tonight, what u need is faith and b good to pple whole heartedly

  34. My dear god wll make a way, where there is no way, just pray hard that god wll wiped away ur tears one day in jesus name amen.

  35. U will have ur children in Jesus name, but if u re really serious I can help u out oh u can contact me with 07066317201

  36. Why will you not have children? You were born so also you will born your own by God’s grace

  37. those who put their trust in God, he will strengthen them, my sis don’t give up, believe in d all mighty GOD along not man, I tell u from now up award he will surprise, u can see in d case of Hannah in the bible, he has answers many that has passed through this face that u are now so he will answer u at his appointed time, all u need to do is to believe in God ur saviour cos with him all things are possible I said AMEN to that

  38. U will have a child don’t worry God time is definitely de best look up to him for ur blessings

  39. God said that there will be no barren woman among his children, so hav faith in him, he most surely do it for you AMEN

  40. I belong to the winners family and in the winners family we don’t lose, struggle or suffer to get anything rather all we do is win win win in all areas of life… My dear all I need is ur faith just believe u are already a mother get ur baby things ready always praise God and be happy in ur heart behave and act like a mother get ur baby ur baby room ready with all his or her things and by the grace at work in the life or my father David Oyedepo as I join my faith with urs may u become that proud mother of kids that u believed u already are in Jesus name… Once again my dear activate ur faith cos trust me that’s the only time God will come into the pic and perfect his word that u belive him for in ur life faith works like magic in the winners family and I personally by faith so much trust the God I serve like no man’s business it is well with u and ur household…. From glory to glory greetings..

  41. Dear Jenifa don’t be so worried about this issue you have started doubting God promises 4 you ;God said start buying yr Babies things.pls hold unto these. Adura ra ee ti gbaaaaa

  42. Sis. Sincerely start buying and preparing urself for the set of Triplet coming your way now. And Always be singing Praises to God and be Joyful. A merry Heart Received things from God talk less of Man, so my Sis. be

  43. If its God that created the first man to have supporter,if God says who ever born too shall have his image,if God is their and keep watching ur behavior toward acting pple….no matter how u will birth ur image ….in sha allahu…..jennifa kan

  44. Yoruba bo,won ni ohun to n dunni lo n po loro eni,as it is in your mind,so shall it be.As God liveth, you ‘ll ‘ve ur children with good testimony in Jesus name.

  45. God will grant all of us dat r still waiting for d fruit of d womb dat Almighty Allah will hear our cry n bless us with our own babies ISA

  46. My sis is every woman prayer .i have dis for u just have faith and praise him everyday .every minutes of ur life stop posting urself on line everyday


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