News Policemen Flee as Robbers Shoot Bank Customer Dead in front of Imo...

Policemen Flee as Robbers Shoot Bank Customer Dead in front of Imo Government House

Policemen Flee as Robbers Shoot Bank Customer Dead in front of Imo Government HouseArmed robbers caught up with a victim around Okigwe roundabout, directly opposite Government House, shot sporadically into the air before ordering their victim to hand over the money.
He resisted and was shot three times before his money was snatched and they took off through Okigwe Road, and all this happened before the eyes of some fleeing policemen.

According to an eyewitness,  “I was at the newspaper stand across the road, just before the Okigwe roundabout, around 11a.m, when I heard a gunshot and then two young men in a Camry car blocked a man and his wife driving in another car.

“They asked the man to hand over the money. The woman ran out of the car, but the man refused to hand over the money to them. One of the robbers shot him three times and collected the money from him. I don’t know if he died.”

The eyewitness added that policemen, including personnel of the NSCDC at the roundabout opposite Government House, fled as soon as the robbers shot in the air.

Another witness recounted the tragic event,

 “I was four cars behind. When I heard gunshots, it dawned on me that those in the Camry were robbers, because the way they overtook me made me wonder where they were hurrying to.

After snatching the money, they were shooting into the air, which sent people running in different directions, including the policemen at the Okigwe roundabout junction.”

Daily Sun reports that the State’s Police Public Relations Officer, confirmed the incident and disclosed that the victim was confirmed dead at the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri.

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  1. Never argue with a man holding a gun, Even if there’s no bullet in the gun, Just main and act a coward that day

  2. Police Eliza, look at d people dat should protect d people running this life sweet well well I swear

  3. Exactly where the services of the policemen are needed, they won’t move a muscle but when they see unarmed civilians, they will start puffing up like bread with excess yeast and waving their guns anyhow. See them! Bunch of cowards! May the soul of the victim rest well.

  4. Haaaaaaaa i see one jeep for lagos island guess wat they brand the jeep police self na human being laff want kill me

  5. That’s why till today I am still looking for that person who wrote “police is your friend” if I catch him eh? Wetin ah go do am, … See as dem ran 40-40 , after the whole kasala now, na innocent people wey dey for street … I mean for bunk dey smoke away the sorrow naija govt carry put for person body. Na dem these police men go go arrest go for their office pack all the guns, C14, grenade plenty weapon of mass destruction place for dem front and tag them, suspects inside national daily BROS POLICE ah dey hail o!!! This one legs no dey even touch ground!!

    • Massive U Again Abeg I can’t laff Hhhhhhhhhaäaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaäaaa I can’t laff Oooooo9

  6. lolzzzz,see as una dey insult d policemen,if na una wear uniform una go near d place?make we talk true biko.

    • Den who send dem…. To become police men, if you can’t abide by wat u swore in for…. Let dem get out…. Wen u witness dere inhumane attitude with a helpless person…. Den u will understand…. Dey r useless nd wicked period…… Wich stupid work dem dey do……i hate seeing dem, nd funnily dey don’t even stop my car cos my eye alone has vexation for dem….. Let alone dey stop me for Amy rubbish….

  7. Omo Police no be ur friend ooo! Dat talk na big lie, dem go only be ur friend wen u giv dem moni, but if ur in trouble ur on ur own.

  8. I even thought I have seen everything yesda when the slay queen told me I am her friend on xender, only for one man to meet me this morning that he send me friend request on WhatsApp I didn’t accept.

  9. If a police man who is to protect could run n a pace like dis who is an ordinary civilians in d face of arm robber…. Those who re to protect us re running for their own lives… I have seen police running n offing his uniform so that arm robbers wont shot him… Na on top we d low class civilians their muscle go dey flex… I go screen shot dis pix n paste infront of my car… Yeye people


  11. Bunch of cowards we gat here… Calling dem policemen.. Na to collect bribe n intimidate de poor n helpless na em dem sabi

  12. There wrk is to face Death,that’s wht Nigerians are paying dem for,Dey can’t protect d live of dat innocent citizen…..

  13. When you give a police a gun with ten bullets inside or probably a gun that is not good when you are abt pulling a trigger it would not fire,,and the hear the sound of the guns the rubbers are holding is more then their own the would definitely take off….and most a times that is what happens

  14. I like saying the truth and shame de devil if na me I go run liike fast and ferious 7 or flash

  15. I don’t need dis to prove to me dat d Nigerian police is incompetent…. Nd it’s only to bully innocent people dey hv strength for….. To hell with the police,i hv seen alot of rubbish dey do, I wish I hv dis in pic nd paste on my car, everywhere…. Rubbish people… U need to see how dey harass people on d road….nd even cause traffic wit it… .who police ellp…… Should counter….

  16. If na innocent okada or taxi driver now , u go intimidate am or even shoot him dead. Stupid police dem

  17. If the police Na ur brother, will u let him stand? How much is he paid that he’ll waste his life for They live on #50, #100. The arm robbers gun n police gun Na the same???? Lwkmd

    • When will u stop thinking nd reasoning with ur Anus…e b lik say u don swap brain wit the rat wey dey ur house… Imagine!!! Oya listen make I talk some sense into dat ur daft skull… D day u sign to bcom a force man U automatically sign to protect d land, life, nd properties of d people Mumu Wen u know u ain’t capable in d 1st place … why DEN did he or she join???….COWARDs

  18. Coward, and what are they employed for??? To bully the civilians, settle quarrel between husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend in their station. So I say wehdone sir

  19. coward pple, it’s only the unarmed civilian they like threatening, but when there hear their #ogaatthetop coming they will flew away. even if Nigerian government is paying NPF a million naira per month, they will still stay on the high way to collect their 50 naira. useless pple.

  20. all they know is to collect innocent people money..with their useless road block they are Armed rubber that dont kill while rubbering

  21. Ndiara!!! If it’s to collect #50 on the road you guys will stand without moving an inch abi? Useless people

  22. Why won’t him run for his life when federal government nor give am beta weapon…you don’t use a knife for a sword fight

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  24. Those police women…. sorry men should be arrested and dismissed from the force. All they know na egunje. May God save Nigeria

  25. hahahhaha wise police who wan die…..seriousely nigerian police z d best plss salute dem wenever u see dem for road ooo

  26. Because they don’t have family and children bcos they are latest version of Clarke Kent this is real life my brother not smallville run for your life your wife and your kids are waiting for you at home is government job not death warrant ..

  27. all those who think they can do the police work better. ..there’re still vacancy you can join today

  28. Y the victim sef see guys wey hold gun,still dey proof stubborn. Him for give Dem the cash and life goes on.u don’t argue with armed robbers.

  29. Hahaha! Na so I was going someone with my high ranked police friend, as we got somewhere in surulere, armed robbers were operating, the next I saw my police do was hide his cap, and remove his shirt and all his pistol, started shaking.

  30. the police are not taking care of properly daz why u see such things, unlike the American police where the government gives them allowances to their own salaries.

  31. hahahaahahaa..see race abeg…this police man must represent Nigeria in the next Olympic game… this kind of race must not be in vain. Run for ur dear life joor no luk back… madam & children dey house.

  32. When buhari came into power my assumption was police work will change but is like things are worsening more and more

  33. Police are the worse corrupt and coward security agencies. They always channel their energy in collecting #20 from Keke and Taxi drivers that struggle to survive with the little they got..


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