News Photos: Young aspiring DJ reportedly shot dead by robbers

Photos: Young aspiring DJ reportedly shot dead by robbers


A young man simply identified as Pascal a.k.a DJ died after he was shot by robbers. Details still sketchy.

A tribute posted by his friend reads :

“When I woke up this morning, I saw several miss calls from our association members, then I knew something was wrong, but in my silent prayer, I said God whatever it is,let it be a minor issue, then another call came and my home boy is gone… In u pascal I found humility undiluted, i called ur number so that I can speak with the armed was switched off,cos i wanted to ask them for a favour, but since they switched off ur phone, so is their lives been switched off from this planet… My home boy i wish u can call me now and say oga AJUBA na rumour,ur alive, I wish, my DJ,my brother, my homeboy.. Tears….rest in peace my homeboy”…

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  1. gone and never to be back,, my annoyance now is that when caught he will say its Buhari and recession, i can forgive you for stealing but not wasting an innocent matter what. Ode to the lost soul..

  2. This is vry bad, government are the cause of all this bad thing, imagine you enter nusery skul then graduated to pry then secondary then university then nysc , after all the skul fees and laveis u paid and graduated, u just nealise theres no job and ur unemplyed, wat the u expect that person to do


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