Weird and Strange Photos: Married Mother of Two Caught Pants Down with Her Bestfriend’s Husband

Photos: Married Mother of Two Caught Pants Down with Her Bestfriend’s Husband


Photos: Married Mother of Two Caught Pants Down with Her Bestfriend's HusbandA married woman was caught having an illegal intercourse with her best friend’s husband in broad daylight.

According to reports, a married woman of two, Agnes Ukwim Phiri was having a sexual romp with her best friend’s husband in a car when they got caught by passersby.

Left with facing the repercussion of their act, the man immediately took off, leaving his sex partner to face the music alone.

Agnes tried to cover her face as she was pictured with her pants down with only a t-shirt covering her modesty.
She eventually drove off in the man’s car to unknown destination.They are both said to be police officers in Chipata, Zambia.

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  1. Some mothers are so unbelievable. Upon she is a married woman and also a mother of two, she is still behaving as if she is a single lady or she just got marries yesterday… The both deserve to be flogged.. Shameless woman

  2. Like I always say marriage does not change a cheat. They may pretend, hold it in as much as possible but in the end it will surely come out.. Cheaters don’t change…!!

    • May God bless you, you have said it all, a lady that has two boyfriend at a time, she can’t stick with 1 when she gets married.

  3. That’s why some people dont want to get married bcos of all these kind of rubbish… Her husband sef didnt know that his wife was cheating on him. All he knew was that he married a gud wife, not knowing she is an adultress. Idiot wife. Mtcheew…

  4. Wetin de vex me self be say i no de see the full pics, i wan view the pics clear. Pesin wey get the original pics should epp out . Thank yu

  5. Women should stop disusing their sexual life with their friends BC most friends can be funny and even as a married woman I don’t think keeping friends is d best if u must keep one keep ur secret. Her friend must have told the foolish woman how good her husband is and she decided to have a chop and clean mouth behind her friends back. That kind friend may God never bring them our way. To bad now she has given her children one bad name. That one when him mama picture come out for Facebook that will now be the children first name. E pain me BC men will use this eyes on women even the once that still in d womb

  6. so wats she tryin 2 say dat she’s not satisfied wit d one her husband is givin her?instead of u foolin ur self around y didn’t u tell ur husband dats he’s not givin u well?shame on u.u re a disgrace 2 motherhood.

  7. Such shame! E con be these days wey be say any small thing dem go bring am come social media con share. I hope she turns a new leaf and gets over the shame sooner


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