Viral News British Airways Flight Bursts into Flames During Takeoff With 170 Passengers...

[Photos] British Airways Flight Bursts into Flames During Takeoff With 170 Passengers On-board!


A British Airways plane bound for London with 170 people on board has burst into flames on the tarmac at Las Vegas Airport.

Pilot of the plane is being hailed a hero after he averted disaster by bringing a 350-tonne plane accelerating down the runway at 90mph to a standstill in just nine seconds – saving the lives of everyone on board.

The pilot was readying the plane for take off when it burst into flames at a Las Vegas airport on Tuesday evening.
It had been bound for London Gatwick, and was travelling at 90 miles per hour when the left engine caught fire after a catastrophic failure.

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Passengers described a loud bang, and the increasing heat from the fire near the windows.

But in a mayday call to the control tower, the pilot remained calm and collected, asking for ‘fire services’ and then informing them ‘we are evacuating’.

The passengers and crew exited the plane, which was still in the middle of the runway.

Fourteen people were then taken to hospital for treatment – many suffering from suspected smoke inhalation while others were hurt when they evacuated.

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