Art & Humour PHOTO OF THE DAY :- Girls Vs Guys (Before & After Marriage)

PHOTO OF THE DAY :- Girls Vs Guys (Before & After Marriage)


PHOTO OF THE DAY :- Girls Vs Guys (Before & After Marriage)LOL!!!

Many would disagree with this and at the same time, many would agree with the analogy the image is portraying.

It’s simply saying girls become robust and more matron-like after marriage while guys become thinner due to stress of marriage responsibility.

What do you think?



  1. It depends on de woman u marry some women will make sure ur ribs come out before dem go live u, while de good once will turn u to orobo

    • One kinda food u mean one woman or u mean food for real? Anyways, d man ve no reason 2 b lyk dat cos men ve always bin d ones enjoying dis life while women do d suffering of Hus keeping, waking up 2 breast feed,pregnancy stuff,praying for her family including d man in fact so numerous 2 mention so y would d man b lyk dat???unless d man don go outside carry HIV wic go kill only him. Hahahahhahahahhaha

  2. See how people are talking statistically here I can see all the ladies are more fatter than the men.

  3. Why men no go growth tin school fee house rent hospital bill Nepa bill food stuff ur papa and mama both side.and salary too small

  4. I swear to god my uncle fat befor but now I dey pity for him me I no go put myself for that trouble now

  5. Wen it’s not ur time wot do u expect?if u ar like dis u better wait for ur time my guy!!!!!!

  6. Lolzzz ,,,nna men done suffer for this life ,,,upon say na woman cause all this problem ,,,na man dey suffer pass

  7. false. Ngozi is an ibo girl, she is a bad girl, does that makes all ibo people to be bad.


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