Weird and Strange Photo: Baby born in Ibadan clutching holy Qur’an

Photo: Baby born in Ibadan clutching holy Qur’an


Nigerian Tribune is reporting that a baby was born recently in Oyo state clutching a pocket-size Qur’an (pictured above).

The baby, who has since been named Ismail, was born in a church at the Oniyanrin area of Ibadan in September, the reports states. A renowned Islamic preacher who the newspaper spoke with said the woman who delivered the baby threw away the object she found in the baby’s hand thinking it was something devilish, only for them to later find out it was a pocket-size Qur’an which contained all the 114 chapters in the holy book. It was wrapped in a thread. The preacher said although the Qur’an was small, the lettering inside was readable.

The child’s parent who were not practicing any faith prior to the birth of Ismail, now say they will revert to Islam as this was a sign directly from Allah.

They also said since the news broke, their residence have become a mecca or sort as Ibadan people troop there to have a glimpse of the little boy.



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