Entertainment News Are pastors not spending more on hoes? – OAP Freeze supports Hushpuppi

Are pastors not spending more on hoes? – OAP Freeze supports Hushpuppi

Apostle Suleman got shaded in the process...


The controversial OAP have reacted to Malaysia-based Nigerian big boy, Ray Hushpuppi spending N11Million at a Lagos club in one night.

He said pastors spend more on hoes, so he should be left alone!

That’s an obvious shade to Apostle Suleman who is currently embroiled in a sex scandal with Miss Otobo. Remember there are allegations that he bought a mansion and a Mercedes SUV for Hollywood actress Daniella Okeke.

Well, he has a point though…

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  1. I still don’t understand this Freeze of a guy’s problem with Pastors oh. Abeg someone enlighten me.

  2. This people self na problem dem be,not minding their own business. God will help dem all

  3. Bunch of fools…wen u no dey suffer….dat 11m can change peoples life if u give to the orphanage…nd the needy

  4. Will he go to toilet to ease himself of the waste generated by this madness . Vanity, all is vanity and it’s for fools!

  5. If you are angry the way this dude spent his money go and hustle your own stop asking how many people he have help he is not Nigeria government if you don’t like what I said…………. Oya come and beat me I dey my house

  6. U hav a right to spend ur money d way u want….on whoever & whatever. It ur money!!!☝ Never be quick to judge people until u hav been in their positions… For people dat say they shuld give it to d needy Bt d truth is if u really worked hard & d source of ur money isn’t filthy- dirty, there wuld a limit to ur #extravagant lifestyles like spending 12m on drinks. Dat ridiculous….. Impoverishing urself & enriching d owner of d club✊

    • Really? lol Dat was immature of u? Even bags, dresses & shoes are still better… @tleast its tangible. U keep seeing & rocking them around town Not drinks dat is intangible – easily perishable.. U drink & pee everything out. Dat all. Besides it causes more harm dan gud on ur health. Will rather use 12m to buy a ride dan spend it on drinks… Dat y I said earlier, u hav d right to spend it d way u want?

  7. A pastor was responsible for freeze marriage break up, since then the brother has decided to go all out against all pastors, I honestly don’t blame him, rather I feel for the brother….Lol

    • He’s so stupid. I can’t really wait to hear about his death one day. Because the way he has been attacking men of God. His end is really near.

  8. You freeze you are a fool a stupid jeck a jobless he goat as and and a satanic tool. That’s what you are.

  9. This yellow crayfish Called Freeze is at it again, u feel say wen u support the guy him go reason ur matter? U better face ur work and leave pple wey feel say spending so much moni and posting it online is wat is trending.

  10. When these one finish, and he no see another mugu to deceive,he go be like foul wey dem pour water for hm body.

  11. Hoes abi matches. Oo, na you sabi. Remember freezers are meant for keeping things cool not to dey yarn any how…

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