Viral News Pastor Kneels Before Church Members Phones, Prays For Recharge Cards From Heaven

Pastor Kneels Before Church Members Phones, Prays For Recharge Cards From Heaven


This incident happened at a church in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia.

A flamboyant pastor named Prophet Anointed Benard, who is known by his congregates as Commander 1 wanted to prove to his members how powerful God is.

He asked them to bring out their phone and prayed that God should miraculously credit phones. No idea if God answered that prayer.



  1. They call him commandant 1 and he wants to command recharge card from heaven. sometimes i laugh at these people who thinks that Christianity is comedy. That was how someone was walking in the middle of the road, when someone drew him out of the road, thinking he was deaf that he can’t hear the car horn, he said that his pastor said that God will give his angels charge over his members and to save them from all car accidents, i laughed within me.

  2. Abeg did the recharge card enter the phones If yes what network? Lol God and Engels don dey produce call card Lol

  3. U see any better phone there? No iPhone 6 n above! The poor are easily deceived in the name of break through financially.

  4. pls,ar they now doing recharge card printing business in heaven..?if yes,I then need to recharge my phone directly from them cos d tarrif rate wil b charge with abundant grace… n deceit,followers n belief

  5. I cant but laugh at him n fellow member like me who already borrow 1k airtime not knowing how to pay back but watch dis naughty pastor disgrace himself.I ll kuku not close my eyes for no reason.Even though I believe there is nothing God cannot do but if airtime eventually enters those phones, just know that it was pre-arranged….

  6. Nigerians ???? What’s really going on here????! Can’t believe how a lot of people are still being deceived. Many of these so called men of God are fake.

  7. If airtime could come from heaven, where would the network operate, on earth? Mbanu! If it happens to come from the operators, who will pay them, God? Make sure you are not teaching your congregation how to steal

  8. diz stupidity iz jxt 2 much n datz hw a pastor made d congregation 2 drink dettol 4 cleansing of d spiritual body bt 4 gudness sake dnt we all hv brains

  9. Lol… wat is happening. Hw can a pastor ask their members 4 their phones just to invoke airtime 4rm heaven into their phones? So, there are recharge cards in heaven abi? Or someone over there in heaven is selling recharge in heaven. Why didn’t he even ask his church members to also give him their network operator’s names so that it will be easy for him…. His mates are there healing ppl, he is here invoking airtime into phones… Na them know…

  10. u knw the bible says’at the last days many thngs will take place, FAKE PROPHETS shall rise to preach the gospel’so what dis man is trying to do is to notify us dat we are at the last days

  11. All these pastors are wicked. So they have turned God into a hacker who will break into MTN system and steal recharge cards to send to his church members. Wickedness

  12. Atimes i made to understand that the level of our ignorant goes with the level of poverty. Did anyone see better phone there? How can someone buy a 60k upward and be waiting a pastor to recharge the phone for him. GOD bless poverty that make poor man to blv in everything.


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