Entertainment News Pastor E.A Adeboye Is A Murderer – Kemi Olunloyo

Pastor E.A Adeboye Is A Murderer – Kemi Olunloyo



Controversial daughter of the Former Governor of Oyo State, Kemi Olunloyo is back in the news yet again with more controversy.

This time around the Journalist has taken her controversy to the clerics as she comes for Pastor E.A. Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and Bishop Oyedepo of Winners Chapel.


“Pastor Adeboye killed a Cop in 1971; I am saying it on camera.

“In 1971, Adeboye thought he was shooting an armed robber, but he shot a cop instead,” she said.

Olunloyo added that Pastor Adeboye criticizes single mothers’ and that is why she keeps going after him on social media.

“Adeboye said if you are a single mother you have no worth; I am a single mother, we have worth, we don’t have to be married,” Olunloyo said.

“You don’t have to be married to have children,” she added.

She further lamented on how he criticizes women who bleach or whiten their skins and how a woman can be fulfilled without being married.

“I drove a $55,000 Toyota Land Crusier in America, I made a $150,000 annually as a pharmacist, not adding what I made as a journalist.

“I was featured on Vogue in 1995 on a financial article,” she bragged.

“So why would he say I have no worth? That’s the only reason I am going after him.”

She also took a step further to drag T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations into the controversy as she granted Pulse TV an interview.

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Recall that the controversial personality just of late accused Nigerian Rapper, Olamide of being a ritualist.

Watch the video below;



  1. But what is the meaning of all these nonsense she’s running with her goddamn mouth. I hope she die in prison

  2. i am ashamed dat we bear d same name.u dnt v anyoda tin dan to b spoilin someones name na u go c olamide wey do ritual na u go c daddy G O again.if na true wetin concern u self mtheeew stupid woman

  3. Is dis woman OK,y is she condemning pple like dis even a man of God.who are u to judge God have mercy on u.

  4. Aunty madam SABI, thank God for you oo cos na u dey next to Jesus to de know the bad things wey people de do and de judge them, u that u are not a murderer and a ritualist, what n what have u done to the glory of God ? Talk ur own and leave others mother MARY the second

  5. U are very stupid. Idiot may ur way be dark an slippery may d spirit of death pursue u an over take u.u an ur family will never knw peace for dis word u say.

  6. Kemi why are u creating issue out of no issue, u dont have respect for God not to talk of man of God, pls be careful of what u are saying.

  7. Av neva seen such mad woman in my entire life ..so for her miserable life being a single mother is an achievement…any way i dn,t blame her…she is sad becox d man of God said the truth . ..any way her punishment is waiting for her…she dn,t knw dat she can loose all those earthly tins just a minutes

  8. Am not surprise madam b’cos this is end time the bible made to understand that brother ill rise against his brother how much more, the battle is of God as G.O holds his peace.

  9. Lol…Even with all this expensive things, she still has no worth…because all those things will not go with her when she dies… so she remains WORTHLESS!!! I wish she can read me

  10. Just One Thing I Want You People To Know, It’s Not Her That Is Speaking But The #Devil In Her, Even Before Judas Betrayed JESUS, The Bible Says, A Devil Entered Into Him. So It’s The Devil In Her That’s Speaking.

  11. U are all judging& condeming her bcos she accussed ur suppossed man of God,by d way we’re all men & children of God. So let d man of god speak for himself. As for me,i trust only myself, but,nobody else.

  12. U are all judging& condeming her bcos she accussed ur suppossed man of God,by d way we’re all men & children of God. So let d man of god speak for himself. As for me,i trust only myself, but,nobody else.

  13. Nawa for naija ppl.is it until dis woman enter market na dat tym u ppl go knw say she no well?

  14. Well if the shoes fits…. As for me there is no man of God anywhere. There is only one MAN I trust.. Jesus. And we know He no ordinary MAN.

  15. D Bible say’s touch not my anioted n do my prophet no harm ,calling him a murderer u av harmed him bt jst no d consequences awaits u .may God 4give u

  16. She’s has gone mad again this time is a man of God not davido she said to be a ritualist ,miss busy body park well…ooo Abi u wan u are lucky I can reach u I would have give you a nice face surgery with slap….. Idiot?

  17. When some bloggers just wanna make money,why help her spread this stupid msg na. All bunch of confused broke and crazy bloggers oshi


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