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Osas and Gbenro rumored separation is example of curse of celebrity wedding – Ayo Shonaiya



Film maker and lawyer, Ayo Shonaiya, has joined other Nigerians in reacting to the rumored separation of celebrity couple, Osas and Gbenro Ajibade.

According to Ayo Shonaiya, celebrity weddings are loud on on the day and some days after and after it is not trending anymore, there is a pressure to retain that public buzz.

He added that Osas and Gbenro rumored separation, is just another example of the curse of celebrity wedding.

He tweeted,

“Normally I wouldn’t do this, because I hate commenting on people I don’t know personally, but this Osas and Gbenro rumoured separation is another example of the curse of celebrity weddings. People should understand that marriage is not a spectator sport..

“Like I said, I don’t know Osas and Gbenro personally. In fact I first heard about them because of their wedding. I also shared an elevator ride with them in New York at the NEAs. They seemed quite cool. Beautiful people. Almost picture perfect sef…

“Funny enough, years later, at the premiere of Wedding Party in Toronto, I shared another elevator ride with Osas at the car park, but this time I didn’t recognise her! She had shorter hair, but I guess it’s because their wedding wasn’t trending anymore…

“My point is, these celebrity weddings, it’s always loud on the day and some days after. When it’s not trending anymore, there’s a pressure to retain that public buzz, so much so it’s subconsciously embedded in the marriage itself. It’s a mind thing…

“And for the public, they have moved on to the next celebrity wedding. The next thing you can give them to give you that buzz back is have a baby, then yayyyy. Then what next? It’s like an ongoing TV series. Your lives now become “content”…

“Celebrity couples should understand that when you start these “series”, the public are subconsciously waiting for a plot twist, and the most common plot twist for a celebrity wedding is a celebrity divorce!!! It’s a mind thing…

“The same people that will trend your celebrity wedding on social media, are the same that will trend your rumoured break up, and the series won’t end until they trend your divorce. I really pray and hope Osas and Gbenro sort out their marriage…

“Lastly, from someone who’s been happily married for what seems like an eternity, and as odd as this sounds, the best way to keep a marriage strong, is NOT to treat the marriage like it’s the most important thing in your lives. Trust me. It works”

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