Viral News Ongoing Peaceful Protests at National Stadium Despite 2face’ Cancellation

Ongoing Peaceful Protests at National Stadium Despite 2face’ Cancellation


Ongoing Peaceful Protests at National Stadium Despite 2face' Cancellation2face called for Nigerians to come out en-mass today to protest against the government for the increasing cost of living, and deplorable governance.

However, the multi-award winning singer cancelled the proposed protest, siting security reasons.

This didn’t go down well with some Nigerians who still converged at the national stadium to go on with the protest.

The ‘EnoughisEnough’ (EiE) Nigeria, the coalition behind the “I Stand With Nigeria/One Voice Nigeria” rallies to protest corruption and worsening standard of living under the Muhammadu Buhari administration, announced that the rallies will go ahead in  Lagos and Abuja on Monday.

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In Abuja, the rally is taking place at the Unity Fountain while the Lagos protest is taking place at the National Stadium.

More reports coming soon…



  1. Wow… That’s something. Bcos 2face cant come doesnt mean it can’t go on. Many nigerians are tired of buhari governance. I just hope the govt. will listen to wat d ppl r protesting to…

  2. Speak ur mind great Nigerians, we will not take trash from dumpsters. We will reject any transgression in the form of governance.

  3. In falz voice…”WEHDON!!..WEHDON OOH!!..We are watching!,we are watching from the high places!!..Ride on!!

  4. Reports reaching us from abuja stadium now is that some police came to the protest venue with the motive of stoping the citizens but unfortunately their oga told them theres no enough fuel to drive them back to the station,so it means dey will trek back to work,and no bullets in their guns,so right nw dey have pulled their uniform and are protesting too.

  5. All we want z a better explabation 4 all dix recession and killings by dose useless herdsmen……y z is so difficult 4 buhari to speak up, instead he z busy travelling up and down in d expense of our national cake. King of kwarruption

  6. We’re very much disappointed with you 2face…just go and eat the money they gave to you.

  7. 2baba U Rock, u laid d foundation n it’s a success. It doesn’t matters if you not present all dat matters is dat d people are motivated. Kudos 2BABA

  8. This protest can not solve the problem of the nation. From.1960.only one family is controlling. Nigeria like there fathers house. blind is only god can untervain.on this matter controlling Nigeria

  9. Is it mandatory that we always vote for old man in this nation. Let us try young boy.old man old things young boy please


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