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How One Man’s Nairaland Rant Exploded into A Community of Helping and Sharing!



If you ask the average youth what is wrong with this country, you’re likely to get a million and one answers varying from corruption to disunity to lack of infrastructure to demon possession.

But the common denominator to all this is simply this; The youths are tired. What can be done about it though? That’s the question.

Well, this author stumbled upon a thread on popular Nigerian forum site Nairaland and found something incredible.

A contributor going by the online moniker, “DDeliverer”, kicked things off by groaning about the economy and the lack of opportunity, the sorry state of electricity in the country and much more. He was tired of it all.


It took a few posts with him going on and on, but slowly the crowd began to gather as contributor after contributor raged about the state of the nation. The plight of the graduate was the major sticking point as the commentators asked what they should do.

Naira1 Naira2

They are tired of the well trotted line of ‘E go better’, tired of all the promises of a better future that they are not experiencing.

Things got to a point where another commentator by the online name of “Cromz” came around and saddened by the wave of hopelessness hanging around the place offered to give N5000 to two people, with the condition that they send their account numbers.


People jumped at the chance with many stating that the N5000 could go a long way for them and they started sending account numbers while everyone waited to hear their testimony.

It came and more and more people began to follow Cromz’s example. Forefront in this were; “Ymodulus”, “hadura29” , “Ayo7” and “Agarawu” all of whom asked for people’s account numbers and banks so as to help. They focused mostly on students and gave amounts ranging from N3000-N7000 to each beneficiary.
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Some people took advantage though, creating new profiles in a bid to collect money twice.

A list of people yet to be reached with the benefactors’ largesse was created so that everyone could hopefully get something.

Others were encouraged to help out too with the list being available for anyone to pick names of beneficiaries and give them some money.

Naira9 Naira10
The thread is currently on its 113rd page and was started on the 6th of July. What started as a lone guy complaining about the situation of the country has exploded into a full-blown mini community of people trying to help each other out in a bad economy.




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