Editorials A Nigerian Olympics Rant…

A Nigerian Olympics Rant…


Hmmmm… It’s being long I wrote anything of interest. Why? Errrm, due to two opposite reasons. Minor reason is that my internet subscription is always on, so I just couldn’t afford to spend a minute writing rather than updating my website online. The major reason, is erratic power supply. Having power, to power my laptop, is a very serious issue. I virtually run on generator, to update whatever I want to do…Right now, I’m typing on my laptop with power from generator. Or will I wait for PHCN to restore power supply in their One-Day On/One Day Off irregular schedule. {Errrmmm, my laptop is almost a desktop you should know what I mean}, so, even if I charge it for 100hours, maximum usage I have is just 30mins. Let me just stop there. Or, I just might end up getting riled up over nothing. Or, whom will  get angry at? Our clueless president Goodluck Jonathan, his redundant Vice president Sambo, or those who looted money meant for power supply fixing? Huh?

If you have noticed, I have not said anything of worth. I’m tired of writing about Nigeria, because, I end up not writing any good thing about her. Or is there anything good to write?

Ask yourself, what good is there in this country? Yeah, if you count hope as something good. We all are hoping for a better tomorrow and only few are working towards it. The tomorrow we are working towards, is our very own individual fortune and success. But, what is good about individual achievement if the country is in ruin? Lol…  heard someone say he will run abroad. I weep. Labour of our heroes past, shall never be in vain.

No, I’m not trying to depress anybody’s mood, so let me refer to something cool.

Congratulations to our male basketball team (D’Tigers) for winning their first match at the ongoing London Olympics. Sad news, is that they lost their second match. Yeah, it’s just a game. Win some, lose some.
But, why the nationwide online celebration? Virtually every news website online (GistReel included), reported their winning the first match with glee and ecstasy. Then I thought to myself, have we all thought that Team Nigeria can’t come home with any medal? Or what?
Celebrating a victory in that manner, like we won the Gold Medal in football is serious ‘serious’ issue. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we shouldn’t congratulate nor celebrate. I’m not trying to take anything from them because they tried, to have qualified in the first instance after-all, we wouldn’t be seeing our Football team {Male & Female} in London because they ‘refused’ to qualify…

Still talking Olympics, in the Opening ceremony, Nigeria representative stood out. Using sunglasses at night… Well. Well..Well… It’s all part of our swag.  The question now, is where is that swag when it comes to winning? I check the medal stat daily. And last time I checked, China was still leading, with USA playing catch-up with every bit of seriousness. One other thing I noticed, is that Nigeria is still at Zero count in medal haul. Sad news. Huh? I was actually wishing them well, as a true Nigerian citizen. But, if Team Nigeria contingent should come back home medal-less, will we say the Olympics was a failure from a Nigerian aspect? Or will they refund the millions/billions spent in trying to ensure a successful outing?

Still talking Olympics, trust some Nigerian to always drag the dignity of this country which is already on the low, into further disrepute. Two ladies failed their dope test. i.e they tested positive for banned performance enhancing drugs. Shame! Taking their motherland act to international platform. *sigh*

On the other hand, it’s safe to assume that Nigeria will not will any medal in this Olympics, so, what is left for us, is to support ‘Team Africa’ as a whole. Or rather, Team Usain bolt. I hope the dude breaks more record.

In conclusion, all is well. I started this write-up without any theme in mind and I ended up with this 713 words piece.

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1st August 2012.


NB:- Lest I forget, does anyone have any idea of how many Olympic condom that was shared to the Nigerian contingent?






  1. Lol. Ya sick. Nepa issue na general thing. Doing me strong thing here. Mine’s s prevention from playing FIFA 12 tho.


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