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Olamide Grants First Interview On His Father’s Death & Almost Not Releasing His 5th Album



Nigerian’s hottest artiste of 2015 , Olamide Baddo was recently interviewed by Hip TV for the first time since his father death few weeks ago. Olamide spoke on his late father and how he almost gave up on his 5th studio album “Eyan Mayweather”.

Read the excerpt from the interview below!


“On his father’s death”

The thing is just to be strong for myself you know and be strong for myself you know. So, you have to keep living and make every moment count, every minute, every second. Live to the fullest while you’re here.

On almost giving up on the album “Eyan Mayweather”

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The album Eyan Mayweather is different because I challenged myself to do something different entirely, something unusual and it came out great. So it was kind of hard to make that decision though to acyually conclude because I had to talk to my manager about it, my producer and all that. At first they liked the idea, then later on they changed their mind and I was about to change my mind too at a point.


We kept on going back and forth about it, we were thinking, what’s it gonna be like, what’s it gonna sound like, just Olamide without nobody, that’s gonna be crazy.

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But at the end of the day, I just had to do it, that’s the only way I feel I can improve because if I cant challenge myself to try and come up with something new every now and then, then whats the point of calling myself a creative person.



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