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The First online consignment store of pre-owned items in Nigeria, we create convenience and security for both buyers and sellers, giving them an opportunity to sell & buy new, old, brand and unbranded fashion & domestic home items that are less valued for, in society today.

We combine the convenience and enjoyment of online shopping with the effortlessness of getting rid of items at a local market. offers great prices, which are typically 50-95% off retail.

okri offers its customers

·         Unbeatable low prices

·         Convenience

·         Secured way of buying & selling

·         Excellent customer service & Great customer relationship

·         Best value for the unneeded items

·         Huge selection of fashion items, kid’s toys, books, and baby gears

·         We pride ourselves with 100% Fidelity.

For more information visit or follow us on our social media platforms

Twitter: @okrikah

Facebook: @okrikah

Instagram: @okrikah_online



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