General NYSC member who survived a tragic accident shares before and after photos

NYSC member who survived a tragic accident shares before and after photos


A female corps member, Ezinne Okorie who survived a tragic accident on her way to NYSC orientation camp took to Facebook to thank God for sparing her life.

See the very graphic photos below;

  1. God is indeed great o… Many didn’t survive but the grace of God was upon her…..Am happy for her…. I tap from your testimony…..Praiseeeeeeeee the Lorddddddd

  2. Thank God for you the life we are living today is not by our own efforts but by his Grace.

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  4. I thank God for saving u from d accident nd I pray in the name dat is above every other name Jesus Christ dat u will be heal speedly.

  5. I bless God for ur life & ur testimonies shall remain permanent no more sadness for u & ur family in JESUS name Amen

  6. Allahu Akbar,Alhamdulilah robil Alamein.God is indeed grateful. May his mercies never desist from us all.

  7. I thank God for ur life… No more sorrows in ur life in Jesus nd ur healing is permanent

  8. I thank God for His mercy upon you, for given you second chance to live. Always praise him all the time . Amen

  9. U are a living testimony…I return All glory to God for d second chance of life he has given unto u

  10. Corp members this year should be very prayerful this year cos powers that do not want parents to reap the fruits of their labour are everywhere.I appreciate God on your behalf sister

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  12. I thank God 4 you my sister for giving your life second chance 2 live god is indeed god will continue 2 be ur saviour in Jesus name (amen oooooooo)

  13. Thank God for ur life mydear wit time all dis injury will heal and u will be fine again

  14. Praise God , I tnk God for his mercy over ur life n I pray God will spare us from untimely death,, I rejoice wit u from my heart…

  15. What a Mighty God we serve. Congratulations, your healing shall be quicker than the World expect.

  16. GOD is so good,he never leave nor forsake his people. Glory be to GOD in the highest HALELUYAH

  17. Thank God for your life, the Lord will perfect His healing in Jesus Christ name, hold God the more because He loves you so so much

  18. Congratulation God is indeed with you am happy for you my dear and I wish you quick recovery

  19. Thank God almighty for your life. May God almighty continue to protect all Corp members wherever there are. Amen.

  20. The Lord can neva forsake his true children, the Lord has favoured u n he will heal u completely, AMEN

  21. Dimiekumo Igeiwari The great healer has done it again in your life and it shall be permanent in your life in Jesus name Amen