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NYSC Corp Member Writes Open Letter To NYSC, Access Bank And Concerned Citizens


This corper is not happy with the way Access Bank is treating him and his friends who are currently serving their fathers land.

Read his letter below.

“I am a Batch B, Stream 1 NYSC Corps member currently serving in Sango Ota, Ogun State. I wish to write of the exploitation, shady deals and inconvenience NYSC Ogun state and Access Bank are putting us through.

During registration in Camp-Sagamu, we were told to compulsorily open a new account with Access Bank (the only bank that came to camp). And just like everybody else I did, despite informing the Access Bank staffs that I was operating an Access Bank account already. (I would leave the bad attitude, gum-chewing and gossip engrossed response of the staff for another day). Some days to the camp, we saw alerts for our ‘allowee‘ – 19,800 naira. Only to realise later that 1,300naira was deducted for ATM Card without an alert from them. This was the first sign of exploitation and fraudulence. Why?an ATM Card is charged for 1000 naira, Where did the additional 300 naira come from? Whose pocket did it go? – why were we not dulyalerted of the deduction?
So, camp closed and we all went back to our homes to prepare for proper PPA resumption. Only for some of us to receive SMS that transactions on our accounts have been stopped due to BVN and signature related issues. The inconveniences this caused left many of my mates stranded. All due to negligence of Access Bank staffs.

Furthermore, within the last 10 days, we have been bombarded with different types of charges, draining an already insufficient 19800 naira. – Card maintenance fee: 1100 naira

– Monthly Admin processing fee: 105 naira
Postage stamp and others sef join.
Wetin dem dey maintain? After deducting 1300 naira?
State no pay, PPA no pay…..still on top 19800 we go chop, pay rent, transport, buy data, keep body together. Allowee don finish before e enter sef.Now the 19800 is being threatened by familiar foes.
As Corps Members, weexpect the NYSC to push for discounted initiatives for us, not cut-throat instances we have now.
We appeal to NYSC and Access Bank management to free us from these shackles.Our vow is in sun and rain.
Not in exploitation and corruption. .
_NYSC Corp Member”

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  2. Access own is too annoying, I bank with some other banks too….they don’t charge as frequently and as much as access. I think this particular extortion is geared towards corp members mostly because i believe those operating normal account with them that isn’t Nysc account,won’t be experiencing this.

  3. I hope they scrap this NYSC, am just here thinking of how i will endure that stressful training for three weeks by May/june this year

  4. NYSC and Access bank should just listen to this person’s request and try to answer it bcos the problems are really too much oh…

  5. We’re now witnessing recession, everywhere just scatter… Access whatever abeq take this person’s request seriously


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