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I Did Not Beg Or Prostrate For Toyin Aimakhu” – Ex, Seun Egbegbe


There was a report you beat your girlfriend, Toyin Aimakhu while she was working in a movie location, collected your car gift from her, what exactly did she do to make you act that way? She actually went to a movie location on November 20, and I travelled out of the country to Dubai a day before that, that is November 19. I got back on 28th November, so how could I have been in Surulere to collect my car from her on location when I was in faraway Dubai? And you know that her lawyers wrote a letter to the blogger who wrote that she was beaten because it’s a lie. Meanwhile, that news had travelled very far. What about the fight that reportedly broke out between you and her at Jabita Hotel? That was like a normal argument that happens between a boyfriend and girlfriend. There were lots of people there that day, so I knew it would leak to the press. That’s different from reporting something that never happened. That actually happened but it was a minor fight. So why did you take her to the hospital after the quarrel? Uhm…if you know what happened ehn, you will pity me. What really happened? I don’t want to talk about that now. The truth is that there’s no issue between Toyin and I. I wonder why people are taking this thing far; I’ve known Toyin for more than 15 years now. You mean you’ve known her even before she met her estranged husband, Adeniyi Johnson? Yes. There are a couple of people in the industry that have a good knowledge of how long we have come as friends. I don’t know if you could remember my issue with a marketer many years ago. It was well reported and you know what? It was a tough time for me but Toyin stood by me. She gave me everything; she spent all the proceeds from a film she had just released on me. So, there is nothing that I give her that she does not deserve, she has been there for me. Would you have married Toyin for any reason? I don’t want to talk much on that; but let’s wait and see because God knows best. So the relationship is still on? There’s nothing like an amorous relationship between us; we’re just friends. But there are reports, she’s pissed off and she’s moving to Ibadan to open a film school? She has been saying she wants to go back to Ibadan now for over a year; even before we got back together. It’s not like she’s moving back to Ibadan because of Seun Egbegbe. What kind of person do you think Toyin is? There’s no one that’s perfect, I’m not perfect either. Toyin has a good character. She has her good sides, her shortcomings and I try to correct her on her shortcomings too. How would you describe your relationship with Toyin? I don’t want to go there; I have nothing untowards or evil in mind towards her. There’s no man that can tamper with whatever God wants to do. Whatever is going on between Toyin and I should be left between the both of us. We don’t care what people say; I just pray that our story will end well. Will you be surprised if she goes back to Niyi Johnson? If she goes back to him today, I will wish her well. She’s an adult and she knows the best thing for herself. If she goes back, it means she has decided that it’s better for her to do that. All I can do is to pray for her, that no harm should befall her. But would you feel betrayed? There’s nothing like betrayal in that because we both know what’s going on. There’s nothing that serious between us that would make me feel betrayed. She’s my friend, and we understand each other well. I know she’s always after my happiness, just like I always want her to be happy.In line with his public apology on Instagram, Nollywood comic actress, Toyin Aimakhu‘s ex and entertainment promoter, Seun Egbebe, says he did what he did because she dragged him before the commissioner who forced him to sign an undertaking.

Toyin’s management confirmed Egbegbe signed an undertaking, assuring the CP that nothing would happen to her or her career as he earlier threatened.

While speaking in a recent interview with Encomium, he rubbished the reports saying:

“To start with, I don’t know anything about that. And to say that I signed any undertaking before the Commissioner of Police because of what happened between Toyin Aimakhu and myself is a lie. Also anybody saying that I prostrated for her before the CP or any where should come forward with a proof. How can I be prostrating for her? It’s an unfounded rumour.

“I, Seun Egbegbe, didn’t appear before the CP to sign any undertaking and I didn’t prostrate for Toyin or beg her for any reason. It’s just a rumour. Maybe those writing or posting that are only looking for unnecessary attention or maybe it’s being sponsored. If that’s true, I believe there should be a photograph as evidence just like it happened in the case of Wizkid and Linda Ikeji. So, it’s just a waste of time believing that kind of rubbish. All I know is that Toyin and I have settled and there’s no issue between us again.”

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