Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Nollywood Actress, Ebube Reveals Why Actresses Fall Prey To Molestations

Nollywood Actress, Ebube Reveals Why Actresses Fall Prey To Molestations


Ebube Nwagbo, the multitalented Nollywood actress cum producer, has explained that the general saying that the only way to the top in the entertainment industry is to sleep your way up there, is not applicable to her and lots of other movie stars.
She made this assertion in an interview with YawNaija.

She said: “Well, that’s not true, how many people do you want to sleep with in the world. These claims are not for me, and I know its not also for so many other hardworking actresses.

“In a male and female dominated industry, things like this would always come up, so I’m not surprised.

“Before now, Nollywood started as a male dominated industry; the producers and crew, but these days, female producers like myself are gradually taking over.“Back then, people feel, you must have to sleep with a producer to become popular. I’m not ruling out that s*xual harassment doesn’t exist anymore but if you put yourself in that situation, you’ll surely find yourself doing what you ordinarily wouldn’t want to do.

Continuing, Nwagbo who recently launched her clothing line, PoshedupbyEb gave out tips on how to avoid been a victim of sexual harassment in Nollywood or another sector, hinting that one has to be very talented or qualified for the job in question.

“Taking Nollywood for example, they are lots of people that just want to jump in and become an actress overnight. No, it doesn’t work that way. It takes lots of talent, dedication, patience, tolerance and what have you.

“So, when you don’t have the talent and want to be an actress by all means, then you are prone to such kinds of harassment to get what you want. It takes creativity and attitude to be a script interpreter, that’s the basic. Producers can’t act their films by themselves, so definitely, if you’re good, you’ll surely get roles without sleeping around.”


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