Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Nigerians Blast Mr Eazi, Juliet Ibrahim Over ‘Nigerian Music’

Nigerians Blast Mr Eazi, Juliet Ibrahim Over ‘Nigerian Music’


Starboy singer, Mr Eazi said the present day Nigerian music was influenced by Ghanaian music.

Juliet Ibrahim also said Eazi is not wrong and that Ghanaian tune really helped Nigerian music.

Nigerians blasted the hell out of the two stars over their rude comments.

Read all their rants below.



  1. I don’t think so,but even if it was true Nigeria used their pattern and still become d best Music nation in Africa

  2. Eazi!.Eazi!.Eazi!…Hmmmn are you okay?…Do you want to be unfortunate?…..Who are you to make such a comment?…You that we are still praying for that 2016 would not be the last time we heard good music from you and you are comparing what is not even needed to be compared!!…Naija music and Ghana no bi mate at all oh!;in fact for dem Ghana musicians!;na serious achievement for them if they can feature any Naija artiste in their songs;so why are you saying nonsense?..Why?…As for Juliet Ibrahim..*Lemme go and drink water small and come back to you!!..

  3. Is not your fault.. Is becos they don give you car for headies that’s why you they talk rubbish for mouth…thunder puoogu

  4. I seriously want to believe u were high on Ghanian weed when u made this comparism @Eazi. But if not, then I still don’t blame u cos when u give wings to a butterfly, it would want to fly as high as the birds. For the records please, Nigeria is still the capital hub of entertainment generally in Africa be it music or movies, so Mr. Eazi and Juliet pls wake up from your hangovers and withdraw those comments…Rubbish!!!

    • Young man u said Nigeria is in movies u either high on drugs or have been dead for centuries.. Ghana is by far Better than us in movie making..

    • wich Ghana beta pas naija for movie mkin….. gosh do u know our movies hv hv bin topin in d African movie industry….. check records abeg

    • And wat r Ghanian names of film? It must be related 2 sex. No making sense film just sex sex sex and more sex. God forbid I watch dere film any more, it disgusts me.

    • I hide my face in shame that u share the same name as mine @Douglax Daniel. Dude go do a detailed enquiry and u will discover that Ghana is still a baby compared to Nollywood when it comes to movies. Nigeria introduced Ghana movies to the world, and up till date, if not for the Nigerian market, Ghana’s entertainment industry as a whole would have been dead on arrival. Period!!

    • Oh and Nigerian films don’t have sex scenes right?. If Ghana act sex scenes today it’s all thanks to the Nigerian movie industry, we started it and they only continued it. Apart from wat you call sex scenes Ghana movie industry have better story lines. Nigerians have better become serious dats y we av actors and actresses that they pay 50thounsand naira

    • Wat storyline pls? Ghana film dat u can’t watch in front ur parents or kids or the ghana film that can’t end the film well bros wic story line hmmmm let me b going ooo

  5. U all are just barking non of u av even made research on the matter typical Nigerians.. You all say Nigerians da sing inside all our musicians how many da sing things wa get heard.. Stop making noise go an sleep…. Most of you here have not even read the complete story u just saw people comment an stupidly also had to Comment..

  6. Oluwatosin oluwole ajibade…….u are a bastard now turned Mr eazi,it is God that will punish u,omo ale.

  7. Mr eazi’s somehow correct! Don’t throw shots at him! When check ‘wizkid’s azonto’ what’s banku?? A ghanain language! olamide’s ‘first of all” koker’s kolowerk” runtown’s madover you” what’s shitan? A sauce in ghana;; what’s charlie?? Almost every nigeria artistes use charlie”’ olamide- fisrt of all– lilkesh- shele gangan, yung6– for example– and a host of others++ charlie means a friend in ghanian lang” he’s just trying to say that nigeria music is being influenced not that nigeria music isn’t valid! Nigeria still hits africa when it comes to entertainment, it’s a fact that can’t be over-emphasised,,,, all these dance-hall beats are origanated from ghana’ they’ve a name they call it there….

    • When did whiz kid & Olamide enter into the music scene that you now use them as example of musicians who were influence by Ghana’s music? Have you taken a look at the music of the likes of Psquare & Tuface that revolutionise the Nigerian hip pop music?

  8. Mr Eazi dey talk too nobe say u sabi sing Nobe say u get voice all All ur songs very boring . U better don’t kill ur career wey Nigeria give u make u dey manag . Papa

  9. Nigerians gave him next rated artist while he was doing music in Ghana style in ghana ,he wants to praise them….its not his fault its you Nigerians that gave him mouth to blab

  10. This Nigga (Mr Eazi) is high am sure and for This Ugbana Guy You made reference to WizKid and Olamide Who are those 2 when it comes to Naija Vibes? It just showed you are new to Nigeria musical scene.

  11. He’s mad……are all our languages that we use to make our songs very interesting Ghanaian ? Infact, he doesn’t have any reason for saying that…..

  12. This Dude wants to destroy his career when he hasn’t reached platinum yet. Eazi should focus on giving us good music rather than rant about some baseless authenticity of songs

  13. Leave Mr Eazi……he tink say d world e dey revolve around in bom bom…….see in ugly face

  14. If no be say you dey under wizkid starboy label I would hv told u to kneel doen, close your eyes and raise your hand up for 1hour. To get small sense!


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