Editorials Nigerian Man’s needs help after he told his gf he washes dead...

Nigerian Man’s needs help after he told his gf he washes dead bodies for a living abroad and she abandoned him…


Nigerian Man's needs help after he told his gf he washes dead bodies for a living abroad and she abandoned him...This was seen on relationship expert Instagram page. The issues people face daily though…

This man who is based abroad is seeking for advice on what he should do after his girlfriend stopped picking his calls because he told her he washed dead bodies for a living he makes millions  from it.

Now she’s calling to ask if he will continue sending her monthly allowance…

Well, read what he sent in below…

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  1. And wot happens wen u mistakenly go broke? U dont need her dirty and stupid love… Just make ur money and u can buy any lady u want.then wen u are done u will throw her off and buy anoda….love doesn’t exist ooo cos love died with Jesus in the cross

    • Love didn’t die with Jesus on d cross. wickedness has been existing even b4 Jesus came 2 this world.

    • Kush or kosh i dnt knw,bt I hv somtin to tel u.Listen very carefully.Ok now,I wnt to tel u dat u r senceless n stupid for writing dis nonsence.Idiot,use one n trow her n buy anoda.Is dat hw ur mother wz treated? Or u wnt ur sisters n children to be treated dxame way? U need medical checkup bcos u r sick.

  2. Help for what, bro anything you do for a living that glorify God, do not be ashamed….she should take you as you are or leave it…….

  3. That one no be love na, you’re paying for her services and love can’t be paid for… Shey I talk am, as president bubu come back now people don dey misbehave again who she EPP?

  4. U dat is paying #200k for love I tink u disappoint urself, coz I bliv u know dat is not right, if it’s why cry out. Buy ur shoes according to ur size OK?

  5. Please love is natural thing, you don’t use money to get it,so don’t be ashamed of what you do for a living, is better than you stealing

  6. MY GUY THAT GIRL DOESN’T LOVE YOU ONE BIT.IF SHE DO LOVES YOU she will love you for who you are OK.her love is just on condition. Please run for your life

  7. Nawa ohh bruhz….. I don’t like commenting on tins like diz, but I just felt for u!!! U don’t pay for love haba!!!! De lady sef dosnt av conscience after she know she cnt stay wit u, she doesn’t love u, but still wanna use u as a play boy!!! She might av known dat ur love for her overwhelm everything das y she wanna use dat advantage, forgetting the future. Bruhz ur money is legal, forget about her, forget about de physical beauty every woman is beauty. First I wanna ask how closer ‘re u to GOD? Remember everything dat comes from GOD is beauty!!! Run to him and HE ‘ll give u a beautiful woman dat ‘ll love u so unconditional. She is dating u bcos of dat monthly allowance u ‘re placing her on.

  8. This is a pure lie, you people should stop posting nonsense to be deceiving people that have not travelled abroad. The types of mortuary they have here in abroad is not the type we have in nails. So this is pure lie

  9. Guy, give her your distance. Stop paying her since she can’t cope with the kind of job you do but still want to eat the money from the job. #rubbish

  10. Tah osigini y buying luv, if d gal no do again biko free her nt by force. Stay focused n d u ll be surprised @ d end. Washing of dead bodies is nt a crime so far u nt a criminal,G_guy or drug dealer guy abeg use dat money for something meaningful…tnx

  11. Which can talk be dis one if u like give her all de money u are earn;she dnt love u..let me say u be monkey dey work barbu dey shop…bia nwokem u beta live dat girl and concentrate to ur work bf all de oil wey dey for ur body go finish bf ur eye go open..

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