Weird and Strange Nigerian Man Tells Court that He Married His HIV Positive Wife Out...

Nigerian Man Tells Court that He Married His HIV Positive Wife Out of Love


A businessman, identified as Emeka Ndu made a revelation that he  blindly married his HIV positive wife out of love, after she wants a dissolution of their marriage.

Emeka disclosed this in a Jikwoyi Customary Court, Abuja, while responding to a divorce petition filed by his wife, Ella.

He said that considering her HIV status, he was warned by family and friend to not marry her, adding that he was also warned that he would regret her bad attitude if he married her.

Despite all this warnings, Emeka went ahead to marry Ella. He revealed to the court that he has been taking care of his wife since she was in Senior Secondary School (SSS1), paying her rents and school fees up to the university level and added that all he could get from his wife as reward for his love was infidelity.

The respondent added that when his wife was in charge of his shop, there was always shortage of cash which she cannot account for and claimed that she had been a bad influence on the children.

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He said:

“Before we got married, I and my wife went for a HIV test, my wife tested positive, while I tested negative.

Because of the love I had for her, I still went ahead to marry her against the advice l got from some of her family members,
My wife brings her lovers into our matrimonial home and makes love with them.

My children and my workers confirmed it, that it happens mostly at weekends when I have gone to school,

The series of problems that l am having with my wife always bother on infidelity, betrayal and lies.

One day I saw a receipt of a landed property bought by my wife, yet she did not have any other source of income except my shop

since she left the house, my children have been winning awards in church.’’

He prayed the court to grant him custody of the children but the judge, Mr Everyman Eleanya, adjourned the case until July 13, for further hearing.

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His wife (the petitioner), Ella Ndu, who was also present in court, denied all the allegations and prayed the court not to grant her husband the custody of the children.



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