Viral News Nigerian Man pranks his wife, claims he had sex with another lady...

Nigerian Man pranks his wife, claims he had sex with another lady and she’s pregnant…


Earlier today, a man pranked his mum that he impregnated a white woman, her response was hilarious.

Another lady did the same, she pranked her mum that she lost her virginity to a one-night stand at the club with a white man and she’s pregnant. Well, the mum took it very calm.

Now this man just pranked his wife that he had sex with another lady and she’s pregnant.

See their chat below…

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  1. Hmmm. This pranking of a thing eh. It can be dangerous oh as to how the person who you are pranking will react

  2. So Dead pose don end na Pregnancy prank dey reign now.. It will continue to be a prank till person use am kill his/her loved one . then e go end..

  3. Lol…. No worries…. Let’s make this valentine a pranking valentine for patners or loved ones… It may be fun oh… Lol

  4. This is an expensive joke that could land you somewhere u never expect before you say it is just a prank..What if immediately,he finished sending the prank message,his wife ‘s phone went off?Even a simple spelling mistake can cost one even one’s life.A man sent his wife this message:”Honey,am catching all the fun here oo.I wish you were her”.

  5. I can see it is a season of pranks and please know that there are pranks that can get you a plank on your head!!

  6. I never see prank gist, I don see 3 on dis blog. Val is coming, I hope bobrisky bae won’t prank him, oh sorry her (bobrisky)that she’s not interested again

  7. My frnd that joke is very expensive, hw cn u wish urself sometin like dt…cos i beileve dere is power in our tongue

  8. Dah prank make sense oooo. If my beloved 1 give me dah kinda prank I will surely prank my own and shix gonna regret it

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