Viral News This Nigerian Lady Is Sleeping With A Married Man And She’s Proud...

This Nigerian Lady Is Sleeping With A Married Man And She’s Proud Of It


Nigerian Facebook user, August Last Born proudly showed off someone’s husband, and father, who she calls her “bae”, as her Man Crush Everyday in a closed Facebook group.

After another user pointed out to her, with a proof photo, that her Man Crush was a married man with a baby, the reply she gave will shock you!
I know he is married. You don’t need to tell me, I don’t care. He pays my bills perfectly well and f*ck so good so why should I be bothered?

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  1. Hmmm For the fact it makes her proud does not mean its good. Most times we do things not for others, but for our own good. Remember karma is real.

  2. Babe remember when you get married another lady will be enjoying your husband just as you are doing now by that time you will start going to different prayer house for prayer not knowing that you are ripping what you sold

  3. All men are the same.. Their is no man in dis world dat you wiil me dat he dont Chet.. Even those one’s now dat is pretending as lf their are sent.. Na una do pass dat girl… And those woman dat is insulting dat girl ur husband’s maybe one of them… And for the man wife.. Do you people no hw she flex with others people husband befor she get married to dis one.. You people shoul think before commenting ooooo

  4. Social media is now a red carpet for some mannerless ladies who don’t have brain… This is just one of them…

  5. Check dat man’s wife and U would find out she is more beautiful than his side chic, i still don’t understand wat men really want. It beats my imagination y a lady should brag abt this.

  6. They have both sinned against God and it’s only God who will decide if he’ll punish or forgive them you guys are only insulting them because you want to be among Gods rod think very well before you comment on any post das my advice. Remember ‘judge not that ye will not be judged’ all sin are equal nor matter how big there may be

  7. i wont much,tho it isnt good bcus u this female remember u shall reap what u sow bt for d couples mostly d lady it myt be that she is reaping what she sow,mayb she made children fatherless,wifes weep 4 their husbnds has been stolen away that means this man stealer isnt wrng ,it is said that what goes around cms around.or mayb the has d spirit of lust naturaly,that means u d man stealer is at fault

  8. All those guys cometin i know dat some off you do sleep with peoples wife so stop saying nonsense here.. Removed the sand in ur eyes befor you remove someone ex own


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