Editorials Nigerian Lady pens open letter to yahoo yahoo boys

Nigerian Lady pens open letter to yahoo yahoo boys


Nigerian Lady pens open letter to yahoo yahoo boysA beautiful young lady, Loty Keri took to Facebook to write an open letter to Nigerian guys who are into cyber crime popularly known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo‘.

According to her, these boys lack integrity, which of course is key for everyone in life.

Read Below:

“Dear yahoo boys, I’m not telling you not to do your kind of business but this internet business has made most of you not to have integrity in the real world. Hey you oh yes you, just because you cut corners to make money and tell lies for a living does not mean you should apply the same in your daily life. You guys are so blinded by money and lies that you don’t even know how to earn the love of a good woman by simply just saying the truth. It’s funny how you guys think that every girl is the same as those white women you sweet talk to believing you and sending you money, too bad! Kindly get a life please and if that is too much to ask, stay away from good women and find your match. I’m sure there are some girls like you who wont mind the way you lie and the character you display once they are seeing the money. Women please be wise. It’s good to have a home than a house. God bless you all.”

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  1. waiting for bro #Malachy Evalistus comment…..it z gonna be funny bro no fall my hand ooo cook ur comment before coming here

  2. Weldon sir!!!… Lol same goes to ladies… Fake life don make many of them miss their real husband where they were busy rushing to the big boys who can take u out. Spend, club, fuk u, den dump u wen ur finish like use tissue paper… And jump to another Bae with higher bobbs and nyash implants plus marykey foundation face and lashes … When u don dey reach 38 u go turn born again and be looking for one nice guy to finish! Lmao! … Am sorry sister, but the same goes to some ladies looking for already made man!… Marry a man that loves u and build a future with him! He respects you more than a man who had made money b4 marrying you #aunty_comeandbeatme

  3. Abeg keep quite, man must chop, bad or good means, so far you are not caught. USE WHAT YOU HAVE TO GET WHAT YOU WANT,. PUSSY NOW COST 500million

  4. One slay bitch trying to get attention, If guys catch you ehn, them go use you do Ishe #Im_Outta_Here

  5. Which side you belong… Slay queen or pepper dem gang? Na u girls dey worship yahoo boiz like God.. If una love God unconditionally as u dey love yahoo boiz,i’m sure diz world will be a better place.. My ex girlfriend leave me because of a yahoo boi and me na Shoe maker,now God av bless my hustle… Am looking fresh more dan yahoo boy… Dog even no what it takes to be a yahoo boy… U just dey open ya mouth like plyer

    • Lol, man you’re a fool, you don’t even understand what she said, you’re here ranting like a home dog…smh #say_no_to_weed

    • hahahahahaha this insult is much oo,but bros abeg u too dey read well before u comment,or better still call ur younger ones wey still dey go school,so u wont come and be disgracing ur self here

    • If you use a better fone u no it guess for you without looking what u type…. Well am ain’t surprise, all of u re ladies… You’re d kind of gals guys turn to punch bag… See dis one calling me fool under my comment… Gifty jr sis…not everyone is blessed with CS… And someone ll see u n tot u re matured… Mtwweeee Thanks sha.. Av putting myself right

    • I always like your comments but today I strongly disagree. She didn’t insult their hustle or tell them to stop. She only asked them not to allow what they do take away their integrity in real life.

    • @Olagunju Emmanuel Olaleyeh with what you just said I guess you are supposed to be on her side instead of criticising her. You have made it clear already in ur comment that what she is saying is true why then do you have to insult her at the end???

    • Olagunju Emmanuel Olaleyeh all your comments are pointless, tbh man, you need to work on urself…

  6. They fink all ladies are afta dere money,dey dont believe in true love….. Nd who cares abt dere moni not somebody like me.. Dey are all fuck boiz.As for me i cant have anytin to do with dem in times of relationship…. Afterall dey end up wit ladies as shallow as dem..And dey end up aving issues wit dem…. As for me ooo.you yahoo na for ur sef and family members.i wish i can learn how to do it bou am gonna treat pple right… Dont misunderstand me am not saying its a bad job afterall dere is no job in nigeria.bou pls treat pple right… NOT ALL LADIES ARE AFTA UR MONI…. G GUYS..

  7. Without yahoo boys there will be no Slay Queen and pepper them gang… Letter to slay queens and pepper dem gang… Makeups has really made u people believe that there’s nothing like natural beauty.. When u Jump from one man to another u are indirectly telling God that u should’ve come to this world as a frog.. keep slaying..but remember Jezebel was a Slay Queen and Delilah was a Pepper them Gang..

  8. it means Ladies them head is about coming down now,,, because Lot of Niggas have really gone astray all in the name of trying to please and satisfy you ladies,,, don’t worry they still so many clean real Boys out there…. But you too should stop annoying with sugar daddies and Co

    • dear Slim…that is rude of you. please re-read what she said.. she hasnt condemned what you do for a living.. she simply is advising that draw a clear line between what you do to earn that $$$$$$ and when your with a lady in real life. dont yahoo yahoo them thinking they are those internet oyibos weh story catch.. simple.. nothing like heartbreak. surprisingly it could be someone else’s heartbreak that has made her write this..

  9. Everyone is gradually becoming a celeb on social media, let me do someting unusual too to gain fame lmao.

  10. Lol, so after reading all your comments,I’ve noticed that, non of you have common sense…. This lady in question didn’t condemn what y’all doing, she Neva said stop doing what y’all doing….her point was that, do not allow yahoo reflect to the real you…its simple as that…. I don’t even know why all of y’all busy calling her names…. FOOLS!

  11. Yahoo abi ritualist,gone are those day when boy use laptop 2 make money,dis time around all yahoo boys are ritualist,what my galfrnd is going tru rite nw is a good example to girls who is after money.I knw money is good but not all dat glitters are gold.Love dat man who loved u and build a good foundation with him,those yahoo boys came 2 destroy girls and serious relationship.well money only impress lazy gals,i knw dis present recession,but d way small boys involve their self in dis yahoo+ act is bad.Plz am not trying 2 insult anybody.

  12. She didn’t condemn internet fraud. I don’t see the reasons for the insults. She only talked about integrity which is something everyone needs to live a good life. She advices that Yahoo boys shouldn’t allow what they do in the unrealistic internet world to mold their lifestyles or character. And as for women who always find a way to bash other women there’s a space in hell for you. Calling her an attention seeker doesn’t make any sense. She just voiced her opinion you can do the same. I can’t stand women who hate on other women no matter the reason.

    • And the yahoo boys are the ones commenting bcoz she has hit the nail on their head, some of them even drop out of school for that stuff, any way like Ariyike Edith Lawrence said common sense ko common rara

  13. Lolz @Rozay I tire ooo dey b looking 4 G after dey yaff spoil ur under nau u re regretting those G bois have families 2 u knw they ve mouths 2 feed so its brain work our 4 fathers were enslaved u knw ?so its pay bck time..

  14. Lol… Shoro niye na Wetin u dey find u go see.yahoo boy, business man, 419, ritualist etc d field is wide ma’am

  15. Fuck dis gal is a whore.. Shes been fucked and dumped like a refuse dats where shes expressing her anger

  16. Well….they are faced with greater challenges….a youth that graduated with first class upper will not get work,why wont he be forced to do any bad thing to make money

  17. My fellow girls why supporting the boys pls let’s bring back our dignity and pride pls oooo oooo.i agree with this babe ooo I know some people don’t even understand d English but commenting rubbish

  18. to all d galz insultin diz lady u all ar capital FOOLZ e stupid gan an ni, d gal said notin wrong instead she is advisin those guys who bcoz dey ar rich through yahoo dnt respect women anymore, instead of supportin her u ar sayin trash. datz y most of una dey end up inside dia pot of blood money shiio, awon alailojuti


  20. We all no that Yahoo lies to get money I swear gals lie pass how a gal play on a guy that how de guy play on her

  21. Women are the fakest creatures on the planet. …they say what they don’t mean…am sure she has fallen for a yahoo boy before because of her love for fake life. ..A life she never struggled for. …fuck women all over the world with their stock fish smelling virus pussys. …..men will continue to feed them lies since it is the only thing they love. ….

  22. I think some set of pple here need to go back to nursery school is it dat u guys cant read and understand comprehension…..if u cant read call one of ur neighbours child to read nd xplain bfor u comment……those commenting rubbish are one of those fuck bois were talking about…dumb ass niggas…..

  23. Chai!SMH!!!!I dnt usually comment on issues like dis to avoid insults from some immature reasoners, BT I must comment n am ready 4 any1 hu will bring up an insult.Firstly I must say common sense is nt really common to every1,bcos dis lady didn’t say anything wrong here,she never said u shld stop ur G job,BT was only giving an advice DAT u shld live beyond DAT too.Av seen some G boys ,if dem no tel u ,u no go knw.BT wit some comments here it shows DAT u re actually needs d advice 4real.2ndly,ladies DAT re insulting her,well her words are 4 ur own good no need 4 d insult.I even see a lady saying hu home help?well!if home no help u,e EPP oda responsible ladies.pls world people always understand d content of a message BT u rain insult on sum1 especially we ladies,na our palava pass.some ladies re worse Dan G boys sef.

  24. Lol… Good advice.. But not all yahoo boys are bad o… I know what u ladies like these days are “God fearing yahoo boys”… Lolzzzz!

  25. After you have finish datin all d yahoo boys in town…is now you want to come nd advide thme after slaying with all deir money…..sister enter u der ur bed mke u sleep…


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