Art & Humour Nigerian Lady Makes Petty Comment On Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Wedding Pic

Nigerian Lady Makes Petty Comment On Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Wedding Pic


An Instagram user (@alexandraa_whyte) is one petty Ex-Girlfriend! Lol. She apparently, stumbled on a wedding picture of her ex.. and she left a remarkable yet petty comment on the picture.

See Below:

  1. Goodness, y are you like this, don’t you pray for him to get his own wife…instead of you should pray for your ryt man…mtcheeww, #Park well•••

  2. At least, he’s finally married. Be there wasting your time looking like a toy using solar energy

  3. If she is still hurting from her break up, it means she has not finally moved on, and she still have love for her ex. Nne move on so you can be happy too.

  4. Is it paining you?!..cry your eyes out he never return back to you!!..So sorry for you!!

  5. In case you cannot open the link.The comment she left there is “Oloriburuku after u don ‘PARBOIL” me finish!!!You come go marry my best friend”……

  6. Lol I no fit laugh is she jealous or what well dear whatever he has done to u pls move on even if he has formerly promised you marriage still move on cause its clear to u DAT he has also moved on

  7. you don’t report a news being biased!!! Uve already passed a judgment on ur news!!! #beobjectivewhenreporting

  8. Lol life goes on.. Just move on with ur life, at d right time d right man will. Come

  9. I can’t blame her because it really hurts for someone to break your heart and itz not easy moving on. I just pray u find a better man who would make u feel like the only girl in the world

  10. Men r just like dat u cant trust dem just 4get d fool nd move on wit ur life, dey r still better guys out de wish 2 b wit u

  11. Dis gal,yu dnt knw wot God did for yu.tho it hurts buh yu shuld be happy dt God saved yu frm d troubles yu wuld hav entered into if yu had married him..if yur rlship didn’t workout believe dt he’s nt yours an move on.wot is truly yours won’t work pass yu no Mata wot happened.believe dt somtin bigger and beta is coming.jst let dem be.he married her cuz dey re meant to hopeful.