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Nigerian Lady Cries Bitterly After Stumbling On Her Boyfriend’s Wedding Invitation Card



Nigerian Lady Cries Bitterly After Stumbling On Her Boyfriend's Wedding Invitation CardAn online user, Anyanwu Chukwuebuka shared an emotional post of a lady who cried bitterly after she stumbled on her boyfriend’s wedding invitation card when she visited unannounced.

Anyanwu took to his facebook page to share the heartbreaking post.

He wrote;

“And so I met a girl crying bitterly today.. I summoned courage and walked up to her to know why… And she told me that a guy she has been dating for quite a long time now.. Only to get to his house and saw his wedding card on the table with another girl by November. And his traditional marriage has been already done for a very long time. Worst of all is that this guy yelled at her for coming uninvited.
I thought these things only work in Nollywood movies.”

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