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How Nigerian Ladies can Live Below N40,000 Monthly



How Nigerian Ladies can Live Below N40,000 MonthlyBeing a lady in Nigeria is challenging. There are quests you have to conquer on a daily basis. Iam not trying to be a feminist, but I can say that in terms of needs, ladies require more fundthan guys.

The realisation of this, makes it dawn on you that you may not be able to live well onpetty cash. Especially when you have no financial support from your family or lack the presenceof that special young man that has decided to be of immense financial help to you.

Franklyspeaking, it is very difficult to be a lady in Nigeria right now.

Lately, I have been following upyoung independent women on low income and really; it’s a big struggle for them to sustain agood life and take good care of themselves.

For one reason or another, if you are a young woman without adequate financial support inNigeria, you may find it difficult to meet up with your peers. But life has presented itself asalmost impossible. There are a few ways you can.

Writing this article, I discovered it is almost impossible for a single lady in Nigeria to livecomfortably below 40k in a month. I may be wrong but I have sort ways she can go about it, Ican’t just find the right answer. Now for a single lady who doesn't move out of her comfort zone,this may be a reasonable budget for a month. Forty thousand naira is a little budget for a

Nigerian lady. It is very very low. Let’s dissect it below:

Feeding 15,000

Hair 3000

Toiletries 3000

clothing 2000

Petty cash 5000

Recharge 1500

Makeup 2000

Saving 5000


If she doesn’t eat much or she chooses to eat 200 NGN worth of food twice daily, at the end of30 days, she would be spending at least 12k on food. On days, she decides to eat three times ina day (not every day so as to fit the budget) she may enter a budget deficit.


Our young lady will not be able to buy Brazilian and Peruvian weaves, but she would need tobuy one expression attachment to do big braids on the street shops. This cannot cost less than3000. Even if she just wants to retouch and roll her hair, the cost of buying relaxer is nowdouble. So she will have to spend more.

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This is one of the most important parts of womanhood. She is different and will always bedifferent from a man. She needs bathing soap; she needs a fairly affordable body cream;sanitary towels are important; wipes, panties liners, roll on, toothpaste, and toothbrushes arealso crucial. Three thousand naira is a low budget for this.


Buying a clothing item is necessary every month. It doesn’t have to be a dress or a pair ofshoes. Affordable clothing items may include; a pair of earrings; a new jewellery; a new set ofunderwear or a pair of casual slippers. It's necessary. At least, a lady needs something differentevery month.

Petty Cash

She wants to visit the girl in the next neighbourhood. She needs at least 200 NGN for logistics ina day. Although, part of the petty cash can be used for feeding. It can be given out or used fordaily emergencies.


100 for recharge card for 2 days and 1000 Naira for a monthly subscription of data on her phoneis still far higher than 1500 NGN that should be used for recharge card in a month.

Make Up

This is not mandatory, but it’s necessary. Makeup is a secondary need for every lady. Somewomen are not even pleased with using it. So if you are not a lover of makeup products, youcan strike this out of your budget. But if you are a lady with a soft spot for makeup, try keeping itsimple. Don’t buy powder of 10,000 NGN on a 40,000 monthly budget. It may not work. Youdon’t have to buy all your makeup products in a month. You can buy your powder this month.

Mascara, lipstick and eyeliners can be bought next month to keep your budget flexible.

This article was written by Jolaosho Aderinsola, BA (Hons) English graduate working asa content writer for I love writing, talking and meeting people. I can be atalkative at times. You can check out my other write ups on VergeHub.Com.

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